Don’t do drugs

13 Apr

What is addiction? Is when a person has no control on what they are taking and doing. The bad thing when a person has the addiction on something. They have their own way of thinking. They sometimes experience illusion of different things.

There are different forms of addiction such as alcoholism, drug abuse. There is a certain point when it gets very harmful. Not only physically but it can harm people mentally, socially, and emotionally. Recalling this video that is shown in our psychology class. That is called Curiosity that is hosted by Robin Williams. In this video they have conducted experiments. There we’re four subjects, and they take different drugs such as Marijuana, Heroin, Cocaine and Meth. The four subjects take their preferred drugs and they are tested on a same experiment like driving. What will be the body’s reaction when you are under the influence of these drugs. Try watching it you will learn how our body reacts; what can these drugs do to our system.

Marijuana is a dry, shredded mix of seeds stems and leaves. Heroin is a active drug that comes from morphine. It’s usually comes in white or brown or also black. It is injected, smoked or snorted. Cocaine is a powerful drug that is also snorted, injected, and smoked. Methamphetamine or known as Meth but in South East Asia it is known as Shabu. Meth is a very addictive stimulant. It attacks our central nervous system. It is odorless, white, bitter-tasting powder taken snorting or injecting and possible by orally.

This relative of mine took drugs when he was in his teenage years. Ever since hear stories from our relatives that he takes meth or also known as Shabu. I was about seven years old back then. I was scared to interact with him because I know something is already wrong with him. Some times some of my aunts told me that he steals money to buy drugs.  He keeps on stealing and stealing and been in and out in jail. Thank God he stopped and fixed his life now. Thinking if I was that person, I don’t know what will happen to me. I can’t bear the thing that I will end up in jail.

I have seen other people who are under the influence of drugs. They showed me how it is done. How they react, and they explain the feeling it is a good feeling or not. Also what comes to their mind when they are drugged. I am very proud that I haven’t tried the worst drug that can take away a life or shorten it. Hearing some stories of people who have passed away because of overdose to drug usage. I was like saying to myself that they have wasted their lives on thing that is very worthless and wont do any good to our body.

In my opinion of what is Addiction. Addiction for me is very dangerous to deal with. Picturing my self taking drugs and being addict to it is very hard for me to think. Taking drugs is not the answer to our problems in life. It’s making our body weaker and can cause a lot of problems. Because in the end, our body will suffer on what abusive things we have done. The worst is we can die from over taking drug or also called ovedose.

– Rowell Eusebio


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