I watched thi…

11 Apr


I watched this movie called “The Help” it is about a young white woman who is an aspiring author who decides to write a book about the point of view of maids, known as the help, as they serve white families in her hometown Jackson, Mississippi. If you watched the movie, you would see that during the 1960’s where the civil rights era began, you could see how white people judged and discriminate based on color, race, religion, and social status.

What struck me the most while watching the movie was the strong personality of the main character in the movie because she was different, open-minded, and because there was a part of her that she was not like anybody. She saw how her friends act towards their help, and she became uncomfortable with it, so she decided to write a book about it with the help of the maids or what they call the help. For me, this movie is the perfect example for this paper because in this movie you could see known types of prejudice that includes: racism, sexism, classism, religious prejudice, etc. also, I have seen discrimination throughout the movie, and I remember one scene where in, the white people believed that these people who served them has a disease and they want to pass a bill that the help shouldn’t use their bathrooms because they believed that they are dirty and they might get sick. In reality, the issue was raised people fought for it, people fought for their rights, and it was really a big change.

Way back grade school, we were introduced to Martin Luther King, Jr. and his achievements, how he fought for the rights of colored people and when racism and discrimination are talked about, he comes to mind. He was an icon, he raised racial equality, and he was known for his speech “I have a dream”, he fought civil rights because he believed that people should treat

Others equally and there shouldn’t be any category, ranking, and sorting. He was something and he still is. Prejudice is found between race, gender, class, religion and cultural backgrounds. Honestly, we have discriminated against others based on these attributes. Up to now, it has become a monster in society, and it will always be a part of history. Remember, Hitler killing Jewish people, African Slaves treated as If they are not humans, and I guess, there are so much hatred in this world that man couldn’t stand that is why these things are still happening.

– Bianca Vicente


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