Don’t get high on your own supply

11 Apr

       Addiction defined by Merriam-Webster as one; the quality or state of being addicted. Two; a compulsive need for and use of a habit forming substance characterized by tolerance and by well-defined physiological symptoms upon withdrawal; broadly; persistent compulsive use of a substance know by the user to be harmful. The word was first used in 1599. 413 years later, how do we define it?

   There are different forms of addiction such as Alcohol Dependence; is just one type of alcohol problem, but it is often one that heavy drinkers wonder about. For Compulsive Behaviors such as gambling, eating and playing videogames are developing behavioral addictions; an individual can depend on them severely as alcohol or drugs. Some activities are so normal that it’s hard to believe that people can actually become addicted to them. For drugs, there are some that a person can be addicted to such as Marijuana, Cocaine, Heroin, Meth and Pain Medication Addiction.

            Personally, I’ve experienced hanging out with people who are so high because of marijuana and who are so UP there because of popping pills during parties. for me, its safer to be with people who are high on marijuana than other substance, they could do anything harmful because of its effects. I’m going to be honest here, yes, I’ve smoked a joint. yes, i was high. my dad told me before that i could try and experience just to know the feeling but never get hooked on whatever. I told my parents that I’ve tried and i also told them the feeling and what it felt like. i have no plans on trying any chemical substance in the future because from what i saw on the video during class, it affected their appearance and the way of thinking and i don’t like the effects of it.

Watch to see the effects of Crystal Meth

Take the test Alcoholic or not?

i love this film. go watch and download TRAINSPOTTING
– Bianca Vicente

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