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back to the basics

25 Apr

I will say it now: food is a wonderful thing. I love eating, and I always look forward to eating meals (it is better with friends, but alone is OK too).  Needless to say, food is a necessity, no matter who you are. It is what you need in order to survive; it is one of the basic needs that humans look for, along with water and shelter. Eating food gives you the needed nutrition and energy in order to get through the day (or possibly more). It keeps you on the move, it keeps you going, and it also tastes good (well, some types of food do, at least). I know of a lot people who love food as much as I do, but there are also a number of people out there who do not. Maybe it is because they do not like a certain type of food, like how some people do not like vegetables; maybe it has something to do with how they view themselves, and that it is not really about the food; perhaps it could be because they just do not really have the appetite for food. It really depends on the circumstances of each individual, but in the end food will always be something that humans will look for. Just that the desire to look for food may vary in degree depending on the person.

It is not uncommon to see people not have a desire for food. Maybe they are depressed, maybe they just really lack the appetite, or maybe they do not like how they look so they try to reduce their weight (the quicker but unhealthy way). They stay away from food for as long as they can until their stomachs (and sometimes other parts of their bodies) start to hound at them for food, just begging to have nutrition in their bodies. It is hard when you have to force yourself to do something you do not really want to—it becomes a chore. I said that I love eating, but I have gone through some events in my life that have made me turn away from food. I was called ‘fat’ a number of times in High School because the friend I hung out with was literally anorexic, and I was constantly being compared to her. Yes, she had a problem with food too. That is probably where I got the idea—from her. I have had my own share of depressing times too. Times that I would rather not relive. The best way I could possibly describe those days would be how the world looked in my eyes: despite the fact that everything was sunny and bright, it felt like I had tunnel vision. It was a bad time; I was in a bad place.

In other words, I understand where these people who turn away from food are coming from, but I learned that without food I would not be able to do much, not only in the short run but also in the long run. I learned to take care of my body and of myself, and I intend on continuing to do so.

– Mishi Lim



21 Apr


Chinese people are rich, Muslims are terrorists, blonde girls are not very smart, being good in math makes you a nerd, wearing showy outfits automatically makes you a slut—the list goes on. What list am I talking about? The list of things that people brand others with; what we label people as when we see them. I am pretty sure that all of us—and I mean ALL of us—have made biased opinions on others before even getting the chance to get to them properly. Maybe due to past experiences, or perhaps because of our parents’ warnings that we make said judgments, but no matter how you think about it, how you look at it, it really is sad. Not knowing the story of another person, and yet formulating opinions about him or her that might not even be true. It is horrible to think that the world has been deduced to something to shallow, so superficial, that we end up assuming things without even knowing the whole truth.

I am not excluding myself from all this. In fact, I am pretty much as guilty as the next person. As sad as it sounds, I do not think people can help stereotyping others though. The reason why people do such things is because of their past experiences with the different kinds of people. Take for example: the people in the Philippines believe that Chinese people are rich. Obviously not all Chinese people are rich, but people cannot help thinking this because a lot of businesses here in the Philippines are ran by Chinese people (ex. Gokongwei, Henry Sy, etc.). I myself am Chinese. I have a number of friends who are Chinese. People every now and then, when they see us, say out loud “oh look, Chinese people. Bet you they are spoiled little rich kids.” Sometimes I feel a tinge of spite—of bitterness—in those words, and really, it hurts.

We hate what we do not understand. We do not know the truth behind certain things—behind certain people. The more we understand, the less likely we are to make irrational conclusions about others. You see someone, you do not like s/he looks or acts, you are turned off by the person. Once you get the chance to actually sit down and talk to said person, learning more about him/her, s/he suddenly does not seem so bad anymore. With that said, I would like to end this piece with a quote from my brother shared with me one night while we were eating supper, “to assume is to make and ASS out of U and ME.”

– Mishi Lim

Through the good times and the bad

21 Apr

It can trip you, you can be bound and tortured with it, and you can hang yourself if overcome with sorrow, but forgetfulness seems more appropriate. Some have suggested self confidence, and I guess it could work. What am I talking about? Alcohol. 

It really is no stranger to us. Alcohol has been around for literally centuries. In the olden days, it was used for socializing, during brainstorming sessions by philosophers, and even for survival in those really cold places (like Russia). Alcohol played a rather important part in history. Even in religion, actually. But let’s face the music here: throughout the many, many years, the reputation of alcohol has been degraded; deemed as notorious due to the aftermath that impacts a person’s body if (and when) not consumed in moderation. In today’s society, it is still being used for socializing. Sometimes with the accompaniment of rhythm-heavy music, sometimes with nicotine sticks known as cigarettes. Alcohol has come a long way, figuratively and literally. From philosophical drinking in Rome from centuries ago, to the jamming clubbing life of today. Quite a jump, don’t you think? I am sure that many a people have acted under the effects of alcohol in the past, but the number of people getting drunk increases every year. The effects and aftereffects of alcohol got worse over the years too; it ranges from unwanted pregnancy to liver cancer.

Why do people turn to alcohol? When they want to have a good time, the presence of alcohol must be there. When people are depressed, they want to be intoxicated. If I didn’t know any better, I would say that alcohol is some form of drug. Scientifically speaking, it is not considered as drug. It is, however, a drug in a sense that it is addictive. A vice for some, a virtue for others. It really depends on the person and the circumstances they are facing. Why is alcohol so necessary for some people? It can’t actually be the taste, can it? Maybe it is an acquired taste, but it is not at all delicious to me.

Alcohol is a downer. It helps the body loosen up and be more relaxed. This is one of the reasons why some people, who are usually upright on normal days, become more talkative or wild when they have had some alcohol. It unwinds some people, so to say; makes them feel more at home (which is why they say that people become more truthful when intoxicated). On the other hand, when some people are depressed they look for alcohol because they want to drown their sorrows in it—they want to forget their problems. Too much alcohol can lead to the numbing of the senses or to the slowing down of the thought process, which is the reason why at times when people get wasted they do not remember what happened the night before. I myself have drowned my sorrows in alcohol before. I can honestly say that it did not help me one bit. So I am saying this now: there are other ways of dealing with things that do not involve the consumption of alcohol.

Does alcohol really define what other people might classify as a good time? Will alcohol really take away the depressing feelings? I am not saying that alcohol is bad; I am just saying that responsibility when drinking is important. “Drink moderately,” as those commercials on TV say.

– Mishi Lim

Memories in everybody’s way

16 Apr


Everybody has his or her own memory of something special or not good or bad. Memory plays a big part in a person’s life.  We sometimes base our explanations in our memory. What we have experience before in our lives.

How we remember things? We encode what information is gathered. Encoding is the way where information is processed to be store in memory. When I remember things I start on what triggers it to be memorable. What made it? Who is involved? And where it happened. There are three systems of the memory storage.

First is the Sensory Memory where our sense briefly continues after something is shown. Second is Short- Term Memory is the capacity to hold a small amount of information in mind. Last is the Long- Term Memory is the continuing storage of information.

            For me remembering things especially when it is very memorable where Long-term memory comes in. Example when we had a big reunion where all of the Eusebio’s gathered and interact with each other. All of our long distant relatives that we haven’t met before, we’re there and we had the chance to meet them. It was a great experience every time I think about it I remember all the things that happened there. That’s the greatest memory for me so far. The worst memory that I can remember is when I was in Pre School. I accidentally poked my classmate’s eye with a stick. I did not mean to poke his eyes. But I was so guilty that time. I wished it did not happen. After that incident I was sent to the principal’s office. Poor thing a little boy was sent to the principal’s office. When I was in the office, I can’t explain what happened. I was so shocked that I did that. I don’t know what to do that time. After the interrogation with our principal. My father was called to pick me up. When we got home, I was spanked by my father.  I was very scared. I know it’s my fault, but the trauma that I felt was one of a kind.

            Another thing that triggered my memory. When my father and my sister fought. I won’t tell what’s the reason because it’s confidential. But it was the most heart breaking moment in my life. I can’t bear what just happened the time. Seeing my sister getting slapped and pushed by my father, and telling my sister to pack all of her things and get out from his house. I cried that time. Seeing my sister my niece and nephew pack their things and moving out, is the most terrible feeling ever. Every time I recall that incident I can’t stop crying. I always pray when it happens. I wish it never happened.

Memory plays a big part in everybody’s life. We treasure each memorable moments in our life. Because it will make us think that our life is so worth it.

– Rowell Eusebio


Don’t do drugs

13 Apr

What is addiction? Is when a person has no control on what they are taking and doing. The bad thing when a person has the addiction on something. They have their own way of thinking. They sometimes experience illusion of different things.

There are different forms of addiction such as alcoholism, drug abuse. There is a certain point when it gets very harmful. Not only physically but it can harm people mentally, socially, and emotionally. Recalling this video that is shown in our psychology class. That is called Curiosity that is hosted by Robin Williams. In this video they have conducted experiments. There we’re four subjects, and they take different drugs such as Marijuana, Heroin, Cocaine and Meth. The four subjects take their preferred drugs and they are tested on a same experiment like driving. What will be the body’s reaction when you are under the influence of these drugs. Try watching it you will learn how our body reacts; what can these drugs do to our system.

Marijuana is a dry, shredded mix of seeds stems and leaves. Heroin is a active drug that comes from morphine. It’s usually comes in white or brown or also black. It is injected, smoked or snorted. Cocaine is a powerful drug that is also snorted, injected, and smoked. Methamphetamine or known as Meth but in South East Asia it is known as Shabu. Meth is a very addictive stimulant. It attacks our central nervous system. It is odorless, white, bitter-tasting powder taken snorting or injecting and possible by orally.

This relative of mine took drugs when he was in his teenage years. Ever since hear stories from our relatives that he takes meth or also known as Shabu. I was about seven years old back then. I was scared to interact with him because I know something is already wrong with him. Some times some of my aunts told me that he steals money to buy drugs.  He keeps on stealing and stealing and been in and out in jail. Thank God he stopped and fixed his life now. Thinking if I was that person, I don’t know what will happen to me. I can’t bear the thing that I will end up in jail.

I have seen other people who are under the influence of drugs. They showed me how it is done. How they react, and they explain the feeling it is a good feeling or not. Also what comes to their mind when they are drugged. I am very proud that I haven’t tried the worst drug that can take away a life or shorten it. Hearing some stories of people who have passed away because of overdose to drug usage. I was like saying to myself that they have wasted their lives on thing that is very worthless and wont do any good to our body.

In my opinion of what is Addiction. Addiction for me is very dangerous to deal with. Picturing my self taking drugs and being addict to it is very hard for me to think. Taking drugs is not the answer to our problems in life. It’s making our body weaker and can cause a lot of problems. Because in the end, our body will suffer on what abusive things we have done. The worst is we can die from over taking drug or also called ovedose.

– Rowell Eusebio

If you never try, you’ll never know.

13 Apr


           No person is one and the same. We all have our differences, our identities, and our own selves. Our perspectives are never the same because of our own interpretations and insights, in which unique learning styles are incorporated. These distinctly designed cognitive processes are innate in every person, each causing a diverse notion or realities, and ultimately affecting how people think and act.

Students have different approaches towards learning styles. There are three basic learning styles namely: Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic. Visual learning style is divided into spatial and linguistic. Linguistic learners prefer reading and writing while spatial learners are better with charts, graphs or any figures. Auditory learners are good in listening, note taking and talking to others. Lastly, kinesthetic learners do better when they are moving or touching something. Kinesthetic learning style is divided into two: kinesthetic and tactile. There are also minor learning styles like Logical, Social, and Solitary. Logical learners prefer using reasoning and logic in their understandings. Social learners like to learn in groups while Solitary learners would rather work alone and often use self-study.

I can say that I’m a linguistic learner because I like listening to music whenever I study. I’m also a solitary learner because I prefer working alone rather than having group studies. I usually get distracted and I don’t finish things done on time. I’m also a visual learner because whenever I study for an exam, I tend to write on index cards so that I can understand and remember easier. There are times when I incorporate the different learning styles simultaneously. 

– Bianca Vicente


 I watched thi…

11 Apr


I watched this movie called “The Help” it is about a young white woman who is an aspiring author who decides to write a book about the point of view of maids, known as the help, as they serve white families in her hometown Jackson, Mississippi. If you watched the movie, you would see that during the 1960’s where the civil rights era began, you could see how white people judged and discriminate based on color, race, religion, and social status.

What struck me the most while watching the movie was the strong personality of the main character in the movie because she was different, open-minded, and because there was a part of her that she was not like anybody. She saw how her friends act towards their help, and she became uncomfortable with it, so she decided to write a book about it with the help of the maids or what they call the help. For me, this movie is the perfect example for this paper because in this movie you could see known types of prejudice that includes: racism, sexism, classism, religious prejudice, etc. also, I have seen discrimination throughout the movie, and I remember one scene where in, the white people believed that these people who served them has a disease and they want to pass a bill that the help shouldn’t use their bathrooms because they believed that they are dirty and they might get sick. In reality, the issue was raised people fought for it, people fought for their rights, and it was really a big change.

Way back grade school, we were introduced to Martin Luther King, Jr. and his achievements, how he fought for the rights of colored people and when racism and discrimination are talked about, he comes to mind. He was an icon, he raised racial equality, and he was known for his speech “I have a dream”, he fought civil rights because he believed that people should treat

Others equally and there shouldn’t be any category, ranking, and sorting. He was something and he still is. Prejudice is found between race, gender, class, religion and cultural backgrounds. Honestly, we have discriminated against others based on these attributes. Up to now, it has become a monster in society, and it will always be a part of history. Remember, Hitler killing Jewish people, African Slaves treated as If they are not humans, and I guess, there are so much hatred in this world that man couldn’t stand that is why these things are still happening.

– Bianca Vicente