A Figment of Your Imagination

31 Mar

Eric Ronald Pagdanganan

Mr. John Hudson Go

General Psychology

30 March 2012


A Figment of Your Imagination


An optical illusion occurs when your brain makes the wrong assumption about what your eyes perceive. Sometimes you’re fooled into thinking you see things that aren’t there. Optical illusions make objects seem to move, change color, or appear farther away than they are. Optical illusions called afterimages occur when your eyes get tired after they have stared at something for an extensive time. Sometimes you don’t see things that are actually there. Each of your eyes has a blind spot, a place that does not see anything. You are not aware of your blind spot because your eyes are usually moving. Not everyone sees the same optical illusions. The optical illusions you see are based on the experiences you have had. Your brain tries to see familiar objects and group the objects into familiar patterns. Examples are the Muller-Lyer illusion, the moon illusion, the horizontal – vertical illusion, the Ponzo illusion, and the Devil’s fork.

However how far will our eye take us to perceive anything that we see as an illusion or specifically an optical illusion? In this article I shall attempt to tell you a story of what may have been just an illusion or may have been reality. Do you believe in ghost stories? Have you ever experienced any supernatural occurrences? Well not everyone in our world believes in the supernatural, they only believe in two things life and death.

It was on the summer of 2010 my friends visited me here in the Philippines from Malaysia, we’ve been planning the trip for a long time and finally it has happened. My other friends around the Philippines who were for the summer also visited me in my place. They stayed here for two weeks or so and guess it was fair to say we had a lot of fun; conversely there was this one event though that occurred that we would never forget.

We went back to my mom’s province Lumban, Laguna and our initial plan was to stay at some property of my uncles acquaintance but that did not happen, so instead we went to a resort called Lake Caliraya. When we arrived in the place we checked out the room and once we got there my mom exclaimed and pointed out at a bed, it was the bed she’d like to sleep on.

Throughout the evening we did our activities and had dinner, to be honest it wasn’t that great but it’s all good, it filled our stomachs. And that’s all that counts. When it was time to sleep after a tiring day we all took a shower, and got ready for bed. As everyone was getting ready to sleep and just relaxing, I with my friends laying down and just chatting and listening to music, my mom’s brother snoring already and my mom on her individual bed sleeping silently. As we were all about to drift off and fall as sleep we heard a cry, and it sounded like a lady. She cried either “Umalis na kayo!” or “Tulongan nyo ako!” which translates to “Get out!” and “Help me!” We all got startled and obviously woke everyone up. My mother waking up instantly called “Who the hell shouted?” and none of us said anything. After all the commotion we just ignored it and slept it off, and the next day we couldn’t help but talk about it. During the conversation my mother explained what she had seen in her dream, she saw a lady laying down her arms. Now would you consider that as an illusion or just an imagination? Something that not only one person has heard but a number. What do you think?



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