Young, Wild and Free

30 Mar

Alcohol is an example of depressant and depressants slow down mental and physical activity. On the other hand cigarettes contain nicotine, which is a stimulant that increases the central nervous system’s activity, as the saying goes “opposites attract”. These two are examples of psychoactive drugs and they can cause harmful effects in our body and health.

First of all I just want to share some insights on how these two examples of psychoactive drugs affects teenagers today. Now a days teenagers enjoy hanging out with their friends, partying, drinking, jamming or just chillin. Being part of the “youngsters”, I’ve seen others who have been influenced and others who are being a bad influence to their friends. I also know people who have used to be good, but then they’ve changed, as the song goes “good girls gone bad”. There are others that you may think that they’re innocent and innately good, but when you see them in clubs or party places you won’t expect that they’re wild.

When a person drinks too much alcohol they get tipsy or drunk. And when a person thinks that he/she drank a lot already, they look for cigarette. I don’t know why, but a person who doesn’t smoke, smokes when he/she is feeling tipsy. A friend of mine always experience this and she feels that when she’s drinking there’s this feeling that she wants to smoke, but she doesn’t really smoke. Maybe, cigarette, which contains nicotine and a stimulant, balances the alcohol that is a depressant that slows down mental and physical activity. Although these two work together, you can’t deny the fact that they both can cause serious problems in our body, and I know that most of all people know this verity.

Alcohol may cause liver problems and smoking can cause lung cancer. Smoking also does not only affects the person who smokes, but second hand smokers are more affected. We all know the effects of these two, however why is it that people just can’t minimize if not quit these vices? Young generations are living unhealthy and the youths from next generation are following the present generation. I know we can’t stop these vices but at least minimize them.

“Young, Wild and Free”, most of us live and believe in this statement. It sounds so cool, fun and we all want to stay young. It’s not wrong to be wild, curious, adventurous and free, nevertheless we may be wild and free but responsibility should always come first. Personally, I enjoy going to parties and socialize, I enjoy going out with friends and chill. We enjoy all these stuff because we’re having fun with our friends. Fun is when you are all happy and enjoying what you’re doing, you’re all safe and you know you’re with the people you trust. And also I have no problem with the people who drink and smoke, I just think that they can be more responsible and can control their vices. The important thing here a person should be responsible of what he/she’s into, know when to stop, and know the people whom you are with.

by: Kryssa P.


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