Yay for a clichè?

30 Mar

The human memory never ceases to amaze me. Though we forget things, we mostly have the ability to remember so many things.

 I’ve known that we can grasp so much data in our brains for a while now, but put it this way: we have the ability to remember so many names, so many faces, so many things about our chosen field of practice, and yet we can still accommodate more data- all at the same time, our brains remain intact.

 Also worth mentioning are the people who have a “special” kind of memory; some people remember certain more things than the average person. I, for example, remember people’s birthdays- as long as they tell me personally one time, I will remember it. Now that I think about it, I have a weird kind of memory, since I can remember some things quite vividly, while the other things are really blurry. Also, I can get by quizzes by cramming, which is kind of like cheating school but that’s another story.

 Eidetic memories are also very cool. Imagine having that kind of memory: you’d never have to reread a piece of information ever again! Though, now that I think about it, it won’t really land one that many friends since it would most likely make one quite arrogant (Sheldon Cooper, anyone? No? Okay.).  So maybe only a handful of people in the world are like that for a reason.

 In class, we were tasked to bring a memory keepsake once. It also amazed me that one object can bring so many memories- heck, it doesn’t even have to be a lot of memories; one object can remind a person one thing, which can then be linked to so many other things. To think, our brain had stored all that information in such a period of time, and a simple object was enough to bring them back to conscious memory. Maybe that’s what else they meant by “a picture paints a thousand words”?

 At the same time, a human’s memory can be so fragile, so much that a blow to the head can affect one aspect of it, or the whole memory in its entirety.

 -KC Dejos



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