Why do we need to sleep?

30 Mar

We need to sleep because it helps us function better. If we do not get enough sleep this will cause us to preform less efficiently it directly affects growth and limits our memory.
When we get a good night’s sleep it allows us to have more energy which later proves to be more precise and on the dollar about the things we need to get done. It allows our mind to become almost restored and ready for the next day. If you do not sleep enough then you might feel sluggish and unwilling to exert effort and efficiency. Have you ever felt as if you could not get the energy to roll out of the bed for class or an event in the morning? It is probably because you did not get the minimum needed time for sleep. Typically the average human needs about 6 to 8 hours of sleep each night so that they can perform for the next day’s tasks. If one sleeps between those periods of time they should feel more energetic. What’s really going on is that their brain is being restored. During our deep sleep it allows the cells and proteins in our bodies to produce more cells and break down proteins. Sleep also helps promote cell repair and gives neurons that we need for us when we are awake to shut down and recuperate. If we do not get enough sleep this can cause the neurons to deplete and malfunction. If this happens then it is possible that a stroke or other disorders may occur. Aside from the other benefits of sleep it is also perceived to be an adaptive staple throughout the evolution of many animals. One such belief is the fact that it is a lot safer for animal to survive during the day by looking for food and water and the night time gave them refuge to hide from predators and recuperate for the next day. If we never slept we would not accomplish much of anything very easily. Quite in fact we would be living in a world of catastrophe and low efficiency. We would probably be stuck in the dark ages if ever. I guess then the model t would never had been invented and the wheel as well. But how does sleep affect us if we sleep in? if one sleeps in longer than the required time for our bodies to charge so to speak then we typically feel sluggish and tired until normal body functions return. But is it bad to sleep in? Sparingly, no, it is not bad to sleep in but all the time can result in slower reaction time less accomplished in a day and a higher cell reproduction. Because you have so much energy stored it can cause one to become lazier and can boost the production of cells now if your cells go into a high yielding production then it can cause them to mutate which usually can cause disease. So it is best to get the correct amount of sleep and not to max yourself out.


-Christian Valdes


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