To the door and to the moon we go!

30 Mar

We’ve all seen those cartoons where a certain character walks around in their sleep, complete with zombie-like mumbling and arms stretched out. We’ve also had our fair share of weird-ass dreams that, though we forget most of our dreams upon waking up, we always remember.  For a good few days of my life, those two actually came together.

 It’s a long story, but this to give you an idea of what my world was like: I had just arrived from Davao via a six-hour road trip. There, I had a good amount of anti-inflammatory drugs administered into my veins. There were a lot of tears, both happy and sad. I was stressed out and tired, and so were my parents- the last thing we needed was something weird.


I was still pretty dehydrated so I was still hooked to an IV line by the time we got home. If that wasn’t weird enough for me, I felt like I had never even seen my house before (my sister lightly described this state as “high on steroids”, which was pretty accurate, to be honest). I slept in my parents’ room, just because they wanted to be sure that I’d still be okay throughout the night… and because my sister didn’t want some code blue happening on our room in the middle of the night.  

 Anyway, it’s been a good four and a half years since this happened, so my memory of this is a bit etchy.

 In the middle of the night, I abruptly awoke. You know how you wake up in the middle of the night with a slight jump because you felt like falling? Nope, nothing like that. Imagine getting up so fast that it’s headache inducing. I did exactly that, and then motioned to run to the door. Note that I had a needle up my hand. By some miracle, my mom woke up from my jolt and got me to “wake up” from whatever that was.

 This continued to happen for about three or four more nights. The IV line was removed after the second time just for my own safety. There was one time, though, if I remember correctly, I had actually made it to the door. Luckily, my parents go to me first before I even did something else.

See, to this day, I don’t even remember why I always ran (yes, ran- not the a la The Walking Dead’s walker kind of motion) to the door. Later, I found out I had mumbled about going to school, which wasn’t hard for me to do even if it wasn’t two in the morning at the time since our house was literally right behind where I went to school. This pretty much made sense because I was missing the first week of school at that time and it didn’t make sense to me because, from my perspective, I felt perfectly fine.

 We always hear sleep motion as dreaming about something, while your body is doing something- either similar to the dream (eating marshmallow pillows, anyone?), or completely different. I can’t remember how many times I had dreamt this, but at one point, I was literally hanging off the moon from a broomstick (Freudian dream explanations, lay them on me). To this day, I tend to dream very vividly- to the point that sense of smell is included, so this explains why I was in utter panic, whilst running to the door, of course. 

 If I wasn’t dreaming that, it was the good ol’ out-of-body experience. I saw my body moving, and I can safely say that I was panicking because I had no idea what I was doing. It was pretty weird, actually: my body doing one thing, and my brain and emotions doing one whole other thing.

 Everyone in my family who witnessed this all agree that this was a really weird time for everybody. We all blame it on the drugs, really, since it’s the only thing new that was added to the equation and I guess because we all needed a scapegoat to explain all the weirdness.

 We were all pretty grateful though that each incident would last for twenty minutes maximum, and it hasn’t happened since.

-KC Dejos


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