Therapies by Chi Shing Hung

30 Mar
  • Biological Therapies – Depression should not be treated with drugs, it is an emotional insecurity about yourself and you feel small when you are emotionally hurt. I think that it should be treated by becoming more extroverted and always have friends accompanying you to cheer you up and hang out with them and enjoy your life. Not all disorders should be treated with drugs, too much intake of drugs can harm your body and sometimes it can lead to death.
  • Psychotherapies – it is a therapy that is done by sessions and had to do with mental and emotional disorders.  Many people undergo this therapy to improve their emotional feelings that they have problems removing it from them; this is a useful therapy that reduces their disorders.
  • The Effectiveness of Psychotherapy – It depends on the person if how long the therapy will take to be cured. For certain kinds of psychological distress, such as depression, some proofs also suggest that the benefits of counselling can interact positively with medications such as anti-depressants: counselling and medication together sometimes offer better results than either counselling or medication on their own. No one type of therapy stands out in terms of overall effectiveness, however, individual counsellors clearly do. Within given approaches, research shows very significant variation between individual counsellors. The evidence suggests that the abilities of individual therapists may be a more significant factor in determining outcome than therapeutic orientation. So there may not be a clear answer to the question of whether there are better or worse therapeutic orientations, but there certainly are better and worse therapists. Pinning down exactly why this is so — exactly what kinds of factors account for the variation in individual results — is much more difficult. The research evidence cannot yet help the client to understand exactly why one therapist might be better or worse for them than any other.

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