Stress by Karen Lim

30 Mar

We all feel stress. When we’re in school, we are stress. When we’re in work, we’re also stress. Even though we’re just staying at home, we can also feel stress. We can never avoid stress. We get stress because we are pressured on something. Like for school, we are pressured by our homework, projects and exams. And for work, our boss pressures us. And when you stay at home, you can’t really relax because some of your work or homework had to be done at home. And for the parents or the old ones, their problem is paying the bills, cleans the house and taking care of their children. So there’s no way we can relax and avoid stress.


For me, I feel stress when I’m in the kitchen. There is too much tension inside the kitchen because of the lack of time and the chefs are pressuring us, especially during midterms and finals. It’s different with our ordinary days in the lab, because we work by partners during lab time. So the work were divided and the chefs aren’t really strict with the food we served. But even though we have partners, it’s still hard because we still have to adjust to our partner. There are times that we’re going to have a bad partner because some thinks they know everything so they won’t listen to your opinions or suggestions, which are really hard to work with. And some doesn’t know anything and keeps on forgetting the right procedure in cooking. So then again, you feel stress because your food may not look or taste good and you’ll fail your lab on that day which has a big impact to your final grade. But during midterms and finals, we work alone. We have 3 hours to finish one dish but 3hrs isn’t enough. In one dish, there’s too many preparations needed that needs to be done by two persons. So we are pressured by the time and by the chefs. The chefs are expecting that we’re good like them. They don’t adjust on our skill level. We have to do it perfectly because its 30%-40% of our final grade. And I’m also planning to take my internship in Paris, which you shouldn’t have, a grade below 2.75. I aim for a high grade because I want to have a good job afterwards. And having good grades helps you get hired easily.


I also feel stress when I think of my problems. Especially the problems about school. School is the only thing that’s making me stressful. When I think of school, I panic and it makes me feel sad. There’s so much thing to do when I think of school. I have to do my homework and study for my quizzes. Sometimes, it’s making me crazy. Especially when all of my subjects have quizzes at the same day. I can feel that my back is aching because of too much stress. It feels so heavy. But I was able to deal with it by having a time management. I was able to balance my schoolwork and other stuff. It minimizes the stress because I won’t cram on making my homework and study for my quizzes the next day. Sometimes I study in advance and do my homework earlier than the deadline. It’s really helpful in minimizing your stress. But when my grades during midterms are really bad, I get worried a lot and feel depressed. I keep on thinking that maybe I’ll also fail on my finals and repeat the subject again. And by that, I won’t be able to graduate on time. That thought keeps on going into my mind for the whole sem. That is why I pressure myself to do good and to make up for the low grades I got before midterms. When a semester ends, I go to a spa or travel to other country to relax myself.





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