Stress by Daniela Lopez

30 Mar

In today’s generation, a lot of us are experiencing hassles, demands, having a conflict between our needs and desires, realities of environment, relationships or even pressuring ourselves to be able to submit paper works on time, all these are causes of stress. But sometimes it can also be useful; it can help you perform under pressure and helps you to motivate to do your best. But sometimes it can lead you to serious health problems like a major contributor to coronary heart disease, cancer, lung problems, accidental injuries, cirrhosis of the liver and suicide.   Some people use the word “stress” and it already became their word of life, but some doesn’t really know what it really means. People should look and take deeper meaning into it. The word stress was actually borrowed from physics. In some ways it is similar to physical objects, such as metals. Stress is defined as the response of individual to stressors, the circumstances and events that threaten them and tax their coping abilities. Stress is acquired mentally and can eventually affect us physically. People who are experiencing stress are those who are overworking, having too much workload and some students who are having difficulty in their studies.

There are three factors that include stress; these are personality factors, environmental factors and socio cultural factors. Personality factors can also be called personality traits, under this factor are Type A, Type B, hardiness and personal control. Some personality traits can make people in danger to stress. They are known as Type A personalities, this are people who are hostile, excessively competitive, impatient and hard driven, they are more competitive compared to the Type B people are laidback, relaxed and easygoing. Hardiness involves a set of commitment, a sense of control and perception of problems as challenges rather than threats. Perception of control is another important aspect of stress; it is when people can control their own stress as well as related personality characteristic. Environmental factors, this involves stress in life events, daily hassles, conflict, overload and work related stress. Socio cultural sources include acculturation and poverty. Acculturation talks about negative consequences that result from contract between two distinctive cultural groups.

I often feel that I am stressed especially when the deadline is near of passing paper works and projects. What I do is sometimes I go shopping with my mom, eat ice cream and listen to my favorite songs. It is important to relieve our stress for our physical and emotional well being, because if not, it may lead to migraines, head ache or even physical and physiological health problems like heart disease, cancer and heart problems.


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