Social Psych

30 Mar

My friends are always my shock absorber whenever there is an issue between my parents and I or vice versa. Both my friends and my family are the ones who know everything about me. There are quite some points that i’d like to share in this entry. I’ve experienced being in a group several times already in both positive and negative way. First, being a parasite. I’ve been a social loafer quite alot actually. Honestly, I hate reporting in class that’s why in cases like this, I always make sure to get the easiest topic or better yet, just to compile everything and not do anything at all especially on those subjects that I don’t really like or it depends actually. There was this one time when I almost did the whole work for my group simply because I love my group mates. It motivates me to do something more because i’m comfortable with my group. In terms of decision making, im the type of person who just goes with the flow. I don’t really acknowledge my own decision and just let my group decide because i have this notion of not being able to defend and explain my own decision. There was this one time when I really wanted to go somewhere but my friends don’t want to so I decided to join them instead of explaining and debating things with them. Another thing about social psychology that I could relate to would be stereotyping and prejudism. My whole world just turned upside down when I first entered Enderun. From pollution, street foods, jeeps, traffic jam to a peaceful, elite, comfy environment and of course, socialites. The first thing I said when I entered Enderun was that all students don’t know how to speak tagalog and so they are all conyos. The second one, I don’t know if it’s considered as stereotyping but, I first thought all Koreans are nice and cute and friendly but after a week I realized that they’re the other way around. Well, most of them. I rarely see Koreans who interact with other race. Majority of the Korean population in Enderun have their own little worlds. From the negative things, let’s move on to the positive ones which is Love and Attraction. Love for me? Please, I have no time for that. Or even if I have, it’ll be for my family or if there would be someone, maybe just because of the concept of companionship. As we’ve discussed this topic, at first I thought that difference would be more important so that you’ll know each other more but based on experience, it’s the similarities that counts. As an introvert, I prefer those people who has the same personality as I am, maybe not a replica, but atleast a percentage if his/her personality and since I’m the person who always fits in, being friends with someone who’s partially my replica would be awesome.


-Jackie R.


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