Sexual Orientation of an Individual by Patch Bautista

30 Mar

An individual’s sexual orientation – homosexual, heterosexual, or bisexual – is determined by a combination of genetic, hormonal, cognitive, and environmental factors. (Baldwin & Baldwin, 1998; Garnets, 2002)
I do agree that it is unexplainable how individual’s become homosexual. In my case, I have been trying to observe the possible factors that have influenced or made the individual become homosexual because of curiosity. I do believe that it depends on the person that he/she has become one. Sexuality can happen anytime – from birth, during adolescence, adulthood, or even in your seniority. I can mention a few factors that can possibly influence a person’s sexuality. (But please be reminded that these are only based on my observations and personal opinions):
1) Individuals can turn out to be gay or lesbian ever since birth. What caused their sexuality can be because of genetic influence. It can be instantly noticeable through the child’s wants and actions at an early stage of childhood.
2) Hormonal influences can happen anytime as an individual grows older. Changing the person who used to be straight to someone who is suddenly gay can be also be caused by;
3) The environmental factors. Environmental factors include influences from family, friends, or the person’s surroundings. Sexuality can develop in the family if there is an absence of a mother or a father. He/she may have possibly acted on to the situation by trying to cover up the absence of the model parent just to be able to cope up with – this can happen anytime during the lifetime of the individual within the family. When it comes to friends, a person can be influenced if two or more of his/her friends are homosexual or bisexual. They soon learn how it feels like, and what a relationship could be. A person’s curiosity can lead his/her way to becoming homosexual or bisexual. The support given from his/her friends can even influence the person to remain in that sexuality, most especially when the support comes from his/her family.
4) Sexuality can be also be influenced by an after experience from a previous relationship. People who are straight become gay after they attain a fear from an experience in his/her relationship before. For example, a girl who went through a difficult relationship with a guy developed a fear of having a new relationship with another guy. A girl can develop feelings for another girl if that girl helped her move on from her previous relationship, and they could possibly have a relationship together in the long run.
5) It can also be a personal choice as well. For example, there are women who had relationships with guys, having sexual intercourse trying to see if they would have that connection or satisfaction gained from it but they never really felt contented. Then realizing after that, once experienced having a relationship with another girl, she realized that she is gay because she was physically and emotionally attracted to them.
6) Lastly, insecurities such as his or her personality, looks, and actions, which developed ever since childhood, can influence the sexuality of the person. A “want” to be accepted in society can influence the sexual orientation of an individual– a deciding factor on which the person chooses to be with can be his/her basis on becoming gay, lesbian or bisexual.
There are several other factors that can influence sexuality, these are not everything. Anything and everything can be an influencing factor to an individual’s sexuality. Sometimes it is irreversible; sometimes it can also be prevented. As it is starting to become a norm to the people, anyone can be who they want to be in whatever way they feel comfortable being. It depends merely on the individual’s genes, surroundings, influences, moral support, personal choice, and curiosity. Whatever is our sexuality, it should not be judged by others because everyone wants to be accepted in this society, and it is nothing to be ashamed about.


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