Runaway Baby-Eliminating Fears by Jeanina Yu

30 Mar

I sometimes ask myself. With my wild, risky and very out-going personality, could that mean I AM BRAVE? Let’s see, I can’t touch anything with a texture like reptiles and sometimes height matters from where I’m standing. I’ve said NO to many opportunities that have passed by me, I don’t like competitions unless necessary, and I could also be the person who’s afraid to fail. Well I guess I’ve answered my own question right there. I may not be the bravest person there is in this world.

I’ve missed so many chances and perfect moments because FEAR stood in the way. FEAR won’t be the solution to my facing problems. It’s also not FEAR that will define my tomorrow. FEAR cannot stop me from being who I want to be, from doing what I desire, for running after my dreams.

I believe that everyone has his or her own fears, it may differ or maybe similar with each other. Like say in the movie Shutter Island, he had the fear of losing his mind and being alone. Also in Harry Potter, we can see it through Ron’s fear of spiders and Hermione’s fear of discrimination because she’s a muggle. And what do you think could the reason behind Alice’s jump in the rabbit hole? I’m sure that curiosity isn’t the only thing playing there. But jumping in that hole I believe takes a lot of courage and bravery. I mean, it’s a leap forward to something you’re not familiar to. Alice might have fear at first but what pushed her from overcoming them is having the guts to face anything, letting fear be under her, controlling it and not letting it control us. Just like any other situation we face, in everything we do, a lot of bravery is required to push us from lifting our heads up high and being able to take a step forward from our pasts.

I’ve encountered a lot of fears already like one of them is the time when I was on top of the tower people waiting for me to dive and jump off that 233 meters high tower. At first when I was on the ground I was high spirited and brave but I never thought my gamey spirit would change the moment I stand there getting a few seconds to breathe in and out before I actually do it. I never expected that I would have such fear as I stand there. It’s like it has suddenly got into my whole system to freeze and back out. But I remember how my dad would always tell me, FEAR KILLS. If you would get fear into you, your system will just die and FEAR will just control your life. I wouldn’t let that happen. So as I stand there, there’s simply no other way but to move forward in life. It’s like you’ll never see in the dark until you have actually find the light.

I guess to feel this way, having fear is normal in any person. Doing things for the first time, having doubts and feeling of fear of what might happen after or how to work things out, it think it’s part of the whole experience of life. We can’t just sit around, idle, cry endlessly and let everything you want to do stop you because you fear to risk things. That’s simply not how we should play the game of life. We can’t just quit and not try. Remember, we only live once so why miss out the fun and waste time when we are being given an ample amount of it?  And so I say to you, KILL YOUR FEARS not the other way around where IT KILLS YOU.


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