Relationship Status

30 Mar

Eric Ronald Pagdanganan

Mr. John Hudson Go

General Psychology

30 March 2012


Relationship Status

            Our close relationships are among the most significant aspects of our existence. In various cases, these relationships are extremely encouraging; in others, they are highly conflicted. Perhaps worst of all is the lack of relationships, which creates the deeply unsettling feeling of loneliness.

Social psychologists have explored several aspects of social relationships. Attraction, love, and intimacy are key dimensions.

As humans, we initially develop relationships through physical attractions. Through this aspect, we create a sense of familiarity within ourselves or a sense of confidence that helps us drive a relationship. In our individual lives however, we like to associate with people who are similar to us.  As stated from the book the principles of consensual validation and matching can explain the appeal of similarity. The physical attraction between two human beings is usually more important in the early stages of a relationship. Evidently physical attraction varies within various cultures and personalities.

To dive in deeper in the existence of relationships, I shall talk to you about the most overrated and most “talked” about and something that is almost felt by 99.9999% of the worlds population, this is called “romantic love.” According to our psychology book romantic love (or passionate love) is involved when we say we are “in love.” It includes passion, sexuality, and a mixture of emotions, not all of which are obviously positive, just a little side note. NOTHING in this world is always positive, and that includes relationships! Negativity exists to balance out everything.

Now for the juicy part of the whole article I shall talk to you about my current situation, my current love affair, HAHA! My name is Eric Ronald Pagdanganan, as you may all know that I am quite a confident little individual, I love talking and saying my personal opinions and such. And like everyone else in this world we sometimes do not know what we are talking about, we say random things and things that don’t make any sense and whatsoever. But that is the relationship that we share as classmates and as people. That relationship may be classified as friendship or as acquaintances.  I know for the people reading this post you are currently waiting for the juicy love affair of mine, and that will come sooner than you think. It begins now.

Now focus here and clear your mind and only think of what I am about to say, here it goes. In the span of my 19 years of existence I have had a couple of relationships some serious and some just for fun. My longest relationship I must say was around a year and a half, and yes that to me was long. As oppose to relationships here in the Philippines, I have heard couples that have had been together for almost a decade that to me is just crazy! But I guess it’s just me and maybe one day I shall experience such love. Nevertheless my current love affair is something that frustrates me and something that makes me smile as well.

There’s this girl that I have liked for a couple of months now, we’re very close and if you had not known that she had a boyfriend you’d think we were together, but that’s not the case unfortunately. Moreover, I have told her I liked her in more than one occasion.  One of those occasion was today at a restaurant called 2nd’s. We got to the restaurant and ordered our individual meals and during that time we talked about random things, and one of the topic that we stayed on was the topic of relationships. She talked about this guy liking on her, and a funny thing is that he is in our psychology class haha! We didn’t talk about him long, instead we talked about us. There was a time during the conversation where she whispered, “I feel bad”. My initial reaction of course was “why?” She replied and told me that she felt bad because she does not know of what to do.

Throughout the conversation I told her that she was just simply a likable and beautiful person, as our conversation escalated when I told her again how I felt for her. How I have fallen for her so much deeper than before, she was speechless and just had not much to say.  Our conversation was inactive for quite some time, and then I asked her “If you were in my position what would you do?” She replied with a wounding answer “I would stop…”

But obviously that would be something difficult to do or even try. Damn noh? Ang drama! 😛


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