Psychological Disorders by Chi Shing Hung

30 Mar
  • Anxiety – I always have that nervousness when I am going to perform something in front of a lot of people. For example if I am going to present our group presentation in front, going in stage to perform, waiting in line to be called in front for oral exams, accepting awards, and many more. When I am nervous, I started to perspire a lot and my whole body starts to shake, especially my legs that usually shakes a lot. My heart beats very fast and my throat is getting dry. I get nervous easily, and I think it had to do with drinking coffee. I have been a loyal coffee drinker since 10 years old, when my dad first bought me Starbucks coffee because I want to try it. I love drinking coffee than tea, it has that aromatic flavour that tinkles your sense of smell and it is really attracting to me. I think you can call me a coffee addict then, I don’t drink beers or wines but I drink coffee. Coffee releases caffeine and I think that makes me became nervous and shaky easily.


  • MOOD: – I am the person that is sensitive to people’s act; it has been with me since elementary when I was first bullied by my classmates. I get angry easily when people disrespect me and making me look stupid to others. I get emotional when my friends are not talking to me as much as before, when they don’t greet me when I arrived in school and just looked at me and do his/her stuff like nothing happened. I am happy all the times and very caring to my friends, but I get angry easily when they try to argue with me even though it is his/her fault. I argue back or fight back when people are bullying me or yelling at me, I don’t care if it is a male or female, I just don’t like people disrespecting me. Sometimes I want to suicide or run away from home due to family problems or school problems, but never tried. When I am in love, I really misses that person when she is not around, I text her every day and chat with her online. I never gave up to the girl I had feeling for and will waiting to wait for her.


  • PERSONALITY: – I am a happy and kind person, I like helping people and bond with friends. I am the joker in my barkada , I tell corny jokes, cheesy jokes or sometimes funny stories. I am a K-Pop person; I am updated with Korean songs and sometimes share it on Facebook. I like borrowing other people’s cell phone and look at it and see what’s inside and remove the battery cover and look at again. Sometimes I get angry easily when people try to pissed me off and they don’t respect you anymore, I get angry at people who are angry at me and hated me, and I don’t know why this happened.

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