Psychological Disorder by Karen Lim

30 Mar

Every person has a psychological disorder. Some have serious disorders and some have just minors. There are a lot of psychological disorders and every one has it. Nobody’s perfect in this world. Psychological disorders are those bad things that keep on going into your mind.

For me, the most likely disorder I will have is the Contamination obsessions with washing/cleaning compulsions. I think I’m actually having it now but I can still control it and it’s not really an obsession. For me, the reason why I have this disorder is because I have an amoeba. I’m scared of germs or bacteria. Every time I touch something, I wash my hands or use alcohol right away. Like for example, when I’m holding a money, and won’t wash my hands right away, I can feel that my hands are going to get itchy especially when I touch my face without washing my hands, I can also feel that my face is starting to get itchy. And when I go to public places like Time zone, I wash my hands with alcohol after playing. I can’t stand the dirtiness of the controls I touched. I always want my hands to be clean. That’s why I always have alcogel/alcohol or wet tissue in my bag. I’m also saliva conscious. My parents didn’t allow us to share utensils or drinks with other people. Even with my siblings, we don’t share water. We have our own distinct glasses, plates, spoon and fork. Every time that I eat something, I don’t share it. Especially hamburgers, soup, rice and juice. I want everything to have a serving spoon or putted in a separate container. When someone drinks my water or juice then has a contact with his/her saliva, I won’t drink it anymore. For me, it is now dirty. I’m training myself not to be saliva conscious but I really can’t help myself. My mind keeps telling me that it’s not clean and safe.

The other disorder I have is the communication disorder. When I was still a child, I was wearing a jacket or retainer for my teeth. It was giving me a hard time to speak properly and I always mispronounced the words. I keep on thinking that people are having a hard time listening and understand the words that I’m saying. So until now, I feel conscious whenever I talk because I may have an accent or maybe I mispronounce a word or maybe my grammar is not correct. So I rather choose to be quite than be laughed at. That’s why in school, I don’t give comments and I hate talking in public because I don’t have that enough confidence.


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