30 Mar

Christian Valdes
Gen Psych
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While I was reading chapter 12 I found the section talking about self-esteem quite interesting. I learned that self-esteem is typically stable. I also learned that self-esteem can be pretty general and that it can improve certain areas of in a person.
Self-esteem can usually be stable. Usually it fluctuates within a month time. Studies have shown that self-esteem is high in your childhood but towards adolescence it tends to become very low but with the accomplishments of say high school or completing a daunting task it can help boost ones self-esteem. Also as you transition into adult hood your self-esteem also increases but as you get older it tends to decrease. For instance it decreases normally from adult hood to your second child hood.
Is self-esteem general or does it delves into a number of independent factors coalescing into the main topic? Self-esteem is pretty much very general. You can break it up into high or low self-esteem. You can even think about it in the sense of social and cognitive self-esteem. You might have a high self-esteem when you go out but with some bad marks at school this can lower your academic self-esteem. This intern can allow your levels of self-esteem to fluctuate. Normally this is not the case though. All in all self-esteem is pretty general and does not break off into many sub categories.
High self-esteem does not typically help one to do better a school or work but it can help boost ones confidence. It does help create a lasting impression and make one more sociable. In the book it says that self-esteem does help keep psychogical disorders at bay. One such example would be Bulimia. It helps prevent this but it does not help prevent youngsters from having sex doing drugs and rock and roll. Whereas low self-esteem can make one easily vulnerable to depression and also make one more anti-social and less out going. All in all people with a high self-esteem or who earned and deserved their high self-esteem are normally well adjusted and as a bad point it also encompasses those who can be conceited, full of themselves as well as defensive. Low self-esteem is greatly affected by depression and can lead into bad relationships and longer periods of depression. One tactic that can help low self-esteem would be emotional support and approval this intern will help boost ones ego and help them out of what-ever holds one back from a normal cognitive and social self-esteem.
Going back to what I discussed earlier, we can conclude that self-esteem over long periods of time can fluctuate but does not typically change sporadically. There are different kinds of esteem typically broken into two sub categories, which are: high and low self-esteem. These can cause and or protect one from things that would typically harm or benefit one depending on the circumstance at hand. Also be mindful that people can become more depressed or more into themselves depending on where there self-esteem is situated at.


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