Personality by Daniela Lopez

30 Mar

Each of us has our own unique characteristics. We are all one of a kind. We describe people’s personalities almost every day, their characteristics and how they act. We sometimes judge and criticize people because of it. It has become a big impact on each and every one of us. Personality is defined as a pattern of enduring distinctive thoughts, emotions and behaviors that characterize the way an individual adapts to the world, a unique pattern that persists over time across situations.  It is complex. . It remains consistent throughout life. Personality is characteristics that possesses by a person. It is not just who we are, it is also how we are.

Some people say that we got our traits from our genes; it is hereditary while other people say that we just adapt it from our experiences.  Although scientist believe that environmental experiences and culture play a role in determining personality. There are four theoretical perspectives address and it will help us understand personality.  These are the psychodynamic theories, trait theories, humanistic theories and cognitive. Psychodynamic theory sees personality as unconscious and it happens in stages. This believes that when we experience at our early age with our parents, it plays a role in sculpturing personality. I think the trait personality is one of the major theories about personality, because it focuses on differences between individuals. When all the traits are combined, it forms a personality. It focuses on classifying and measuring this individual personality characteristic. Humanistic theory focuses on the self, your own perception, your own experience. You do not adapt and react to the environment or influenced by your friends. It focuses on you. The major focus is to facilitate personal development. Carl Rogers and Abraham Maslow are the two important theorists in humanistic theory. According to Carl Rogers, each of us has a unique self concept. Self concept is described as what we believe in. While for Abraham Maslow, his idea is that each and every one of us has this certain needs that must be met in lowest to highest. These are our safety needs, love and belonging needs, achievement needs and self actualization. According to Maslow, these needs should be achieved in order because one won’t be able to fulfill the needs that they want to satisfy if their physiological needs have not been met. Lastly, the cognitive theory, this tells us that the behavior, environment, person cognitive factors are important in understanding personality.

In our Psychology class, I was interested when we had an activity about personality, where you will answer a personality test online. I was just excited what result will I get. Personality tests are really helpful because you will learn and understand more about yourself. You will know who you are. We find results that we might otherwise be not aware of. It will help us learn how others might react to something in their environment. Personality is really important. It will help you build strong relationships with your family, friends and the people around you. It will dictate success in your career and personality development helps you improve on your characteristics.




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