30 Mar

                    Do you still remember your first few steps as a kid? Your first heartbreak? Your first poem to memorize or even your lines for your skit? Can you imagine all those information inside your head and still remember maybe not all, but at least some of it? We gain info each and every day but as we know, not all would be retained because we basically have 3 memory stages, The sensory memory, the short term and the long term memory. Sensory memory usually holds original information for only an instance. An example would be a person you just passed by as you walk to school. You may remember them as a police, a nurse or a secretary but you wouldn’t really remember all of this person’s facial features. The next type of memory storage would be the short-term memory. This usually holds information for only about 30 seconds. This only allows limited information and fades away quickly unless the information is rehearsed just like what I usually do. The third and last type would be the long-term memory. This is of course, the most important type of memory for it stores a huge amount of information for a long period of time.  For me, it’s harder to retrieve something from my long term memory because I prefer rehearsing things for only a period of time and usually, I end up forgetting things or should I say, not retrieving it. For example, our skit for our oral French exam, I have memorized my lines for half an hour and then get done with the exam.  After that, I simply let go of all the info I just inputted and don’t care at all. I can maybe remember it partially but it depends on the topic because for me, it’s better to memorize everything than to really understand something especially if the topic is way opposite of my interest so if don’t like the topic, most likely, all the info will pop up like a bubble after it using it but if it’s the other way around, it would automatically be retained.  Some few examples would be our crushes and heartbreaks. Even the teeny tiniest info about your crush is worth remembering, right? But after a while, you saw your crush with another person and your heart was pounded into million pieces and as much as you wanted to forget everything about them, you just can’t especially when you start to associate things with that person. It fades eventually but after a long period of time. I would probably consider again, strangers I pass by when I go out as part of my sensory memory, cramming and memorizing for my tests as part of my short-term memory, and prolly my crushes and heartbreaks unfortunately as part of my long term memory.


– Jackie R.


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