Memory by Karen Lim

30 Mar

We all cherish our memories from the past. There are memories that we would like to keep and tell or share it to our children in the future. There are also memories that we would like to forget.

For me, memories are important because it can make you a better person because to be able to become better person, you have to look back in order to realize the mistakes you have done.  Memories can be good and bad. But those bad memories are also helpful because you’ll realize you don’t like the things you did from the past and change yourself to a better person.

The memory that I would like to forget is when I was still a child. I can remember clearly the things I have done when I was still a child. I basically get everything I want, until now actually. But the difference is, when I don’t get what I want when I was still a child, I cry and get out of control. I’ll shout and cry out loud inside the mall. I won’t stop crying until my parents will get me what I want. People are looking at me. It was embarrassing for my parents because people start to talk about them, like, what kind of a daughter they have; my parents spoil me, etc. Now, every time I recall / think of those things, I feel embarrassed to my parents. I didn’t give respect to them but they still give me everything I want. I want to forget that memory because until now, I feel embarrassed with myself. I don’t want to bring that memory anymore.

The memory that I would like to remember forever is when I went to China for a study tour. I met a lot of friends and experienced a lot of things. I became independent and more matured. I learned how to wash my clothes, live alone, go shopping by myself and budget the allowance that my parents gave me. Before that trip, I can’t sleep alone. I am always with my mom. Wherever she goes, I’m with her. I can’t live without my mom. People call me mama’s girl but I don’t really mind them. But after that trip, I was trained to sleep alone in the bed and not to look for her every time. I’m really glad that I changed. And because of that trip, my parents allowed me to study here in Manila. They already trust and believed in me. That’s the memory that I would like to keep forever. I’m proud of myself because I am now independent and my parents trust me.


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