30 Mar

First, let’s define the topic. What is learning? How to do we learn? Basically, it is a skill we naturally have and permanently changes our behaviour through experience and sometimes we connect those experiences which we call associative learning.

There are several types on learning, namely and it’s up to us which type we are comfortable with or which is the most effective one. For me, I’ll consider observing as the best way of learning especially with all my previous sports, Figure skating and Wushu, they require a lot of observation and mimicking. Right from the start I knew that it was the best way for me to learn since I’m good in mimicking things and from that, I improve my skills and try to learn new ones by myself like for example adding new routines or sometimes, redo everything. Observing another person takes time and so what I usually do is to watch, do it, watch, do it and do it over and over again until our session ends. After, I extend for another hour inside the rink or for wushu, the dancing room and practice by myself.  There was this one time that I even asked someone to record my moves for me to see what I did wrong.  As lame as it seemed, it did help me anyway.

Having said that I improved my skills through observational learning, I demand and expect for rewards quite a few times therefore, considering operant conditioning. Being an only daughter, I’m used to being the centre of my parents’ attraction. Give what I want, let me do what I want, and so on. I was once a brat until I reached 5th grade. They started bargaining with me and bribing me stuff to improve my grades since they knew that I was turning into a happy-go-lucky student so they found a way to change my attitude and one of those ways would be reinforcement. Reinforcement for me is more like bribing. By down side of this would be expectations. A kid would only excel just because he/she expects something in return. I’ve been on of those kids way back then. Dad always promises me a new Barbie doll everytime I get a perfect score in an exam. Another way would be punishment where in you stop someone’s habit by somewhat threatening them.  Well for me, punishment is part of being a kid and as a matter of fact, the worst case scenario of this would be traumatizing the kid depending on you action and in most cases, kids rebel or even become worst.


-Jackie R.



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