30 Mar

Learning is and will always be part of our lives. If we don’t learn, we would not be where we are now. Everyone, however, is different and has different ways of learning new things. Some are more able to absorb new things when things are repeated and some learn better with use of visual aid.

Personally, I learn better with the use of visual aid and personal experience. Whenever I learn things hands on, I find it easier and faster to learn because I absorb knowledge better that way compared to simply using my imagination. It allows me to remember what I’m learning better.  From experience, I also realize how much willingness to learn and interest in the topic can play a very big role in learning. Without these two, it would be very difficult for the learner. For example, in the field of culinary arts, one may have difficulty in learning or excelling if one does not have the interest or the willingness to learn the topic. Whether the teacher makes the lesson or discussion fun, it really depends on whether the student puts in effort to learn. This is especially important in culinary arts because time, hard work and dedication is very important. Being a chef will require a lot of tiring hours in the kitchen and a lot of focus on what you are doing. Without willingness to learn, interest and an open mind, it would be hard for one to work in the kitchen and to learn new things. I realized this when I started working in the lab for my CA101 class. All we did at the start of the semester was to mince onions and turn or shape vegetables for three hours. After this, I realized that there is so much dedication and work put into every component one makes in a dish.

On the other hand, distractions can also hinder us from learning. One particular distraction that almost everyone may know nowadays is 9gag. Because of funny posts online, I find it hard to look away and stop scrolling down while reading. Sometimes, I find it annoying how glued I am to the website because I know that it is a waste of time to read the posts, but I read them anyway. Another distraction is Facebook and other social networking sites. Most people nowadays are now connected via Facebook and post their whole life stories online with the use of pictures and letting people know every single thing about them by updating their Facebook statuses. Some people even have urges to check their facebook every minute just to see if anything new comes up on the news feed. It all depends on how you can control yourself while studying or learning.

Everyone is unique. We all have our own ways of learning, however, in everything we do, it is most important to have the willingness to learn and to be able to love what we are doing because these two play a very big role in gaining knowledge and excelling in life.

– Dana Ang


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