Interesting Social Psychology

30 Mar

Interesting Social Psychology

Social Psychology, a study on how people think about, influences, and relate to other people. A study more focused on the individual itself, rather that the society as a whole. Social Psychology has always been an interesting subject for me. We learn in Social Psychology, what makes us act this way and that way thought this event and that event. We learn why we conform to others and why others conform to us. We learn why we keep silent sometimes, and sometimes we let out our thoughts and create action. Social Psychology has always been interesting and always been a great study to read about.

Especially when it is related through the prominent figures in our history. Throughout history we can see so many prominent figures in time, which influenced the society as a whole. What make’s them so different from us, what attributes did they have to make people believe and follow them, how did they do such as thing. It has always been a subject on which I had an interest on.

Social Psychology is also ever so present in movies. Fictional as a movie may be, it still gives that idea of social psychology being applied. For example in the movie V for Vendetta, V was somehow able to influence the people to start rebelling against the system. V created an idea in the hearts of the people, to start questioning the government and their system. V was able to gather people, not through force or fear, but just by showing them the truth, he was able to unite the people, and create an idea in their hearts to question the government and decide for themselves whether to fight it or not.

In our own history, we can see Social Psychology at play. Jose Rizal, a small man who was able to inspire the Filipinos to question the authority of the Spaniards in our country. Through the simple means of writing, he showed the truth of what the Spaniards truly did in our country, how vile and deceitful they were. Which eventually united the Filipinos and fought for their own freedom.

It has always been on my mind, where do these people come from. Do they start from humble beginnings and end up being what they are because of the experiences that they garnered throughout their life. Or are they just really, that way because they are what they are.

I have been reading a Manga called Cage of Eden, where a group of students were deserted on an island. At first they didn’t have a leader, but soon after they started following a certain boy. A boy whom no one believed to be truly responsible or capable of doing anything, a boy who just slept through his classes and ignoring what the teachers have told him. This manga made me question, how was such a boy able to become the leader of such a group, fictious as this manga maybe, but it still raises the question in my mind, when and how do we truly show our true potential? Does it have to be in a specific environment such as a deserted island, where it is stressful and unimaginable to live in? Or can it be at anyplace, and at any given time.

This is why I like Social Psychology, it talks about how an individual thinks about, influence and relate to other people, in a certain situation and a certain given time. Each individual would have a different way of thinking, influencing, and relating to other people, and that is what makes Social Psychology an interesting field to study about.

-Ivan Yu


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