Innovative Learning

30 Mar

Innovative Learning

Learning has always been a concept that has many different opinions and views about it. There are thousand’s and different types of learning methods available to us, and one constant method that school’s do are teaching through what the textbooks have to offer and doing the same traditional class schedules. Tradition is fine, and it is used because it has been proven to work. However I believe that learning through the traditional way is boring and not as empowering to the one who wish to learn. He may have learned a new concept or theory, but there are chances that his heart is not really into it. After learning it, he would soon forget and not bother with it anymore. I believe that learning this way is not effective, and frankly I believe that it is not learning at all.

Learning should be fun and empowering. Schools nowadays are doing innovative research on how to teach their student’s better. How to make each subject fun and entertaining so that student’s would be actively interested and participative in the class or in different activities. I recently found a short video clip, on where Xavier School, uses a different type of learning method. A more innovative way of teaching so that their student’s can learn better and differently.

After watching this video, I saw how learning could be different. Going to a foreign country and being totally immersed in its culture and traditions. Student’s must learn how to speak their language, learn the countries roads, routes and transport’s that are available so that they could reach where they want to go, in order to achieve the task that are assigned to them. Also, the teacher’s empower their student’s to find a goal, to find a new way of knowing how to do this and that. This makes the student’s independent. Learning on their own terms and learning on their own way, with only a little help from lecturers. This innovative type of learning is what I believe should be more researched on, and should be implemented on the type of teaching that we have today. However not all of us have this kind of luxury, this kind of connections and this kind of availability. That is what make’s learning so hard, without resources we cannot hope to achieve this kind of learning method.

This does not mean, that we cannot innovate on our own though. Learning should always be innovative. This make’s it fun, and it creates attention so that student’s would wish to learn more about it. I recently read an article, about a history teacher dressing up for the part on what he was going to talk about. Because of what he did, he created a big impact on the students, and I believe that the student’s would remember that moment for the rest of their lives. What the teacher did, was a new and innovative way of teaching, he used the traditional setup of teaching using textbooks, and in the scheduled classroom, but he added something to it. He added a flair to it, he added himself to the equation, he used what he had, and what he could to make his class more innovative and fun. And I believe this is how we should all learn, and how lectures should be conducted, so that student’s truly learn what they are supposed to be learning.

-Ivan Yu


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