I have been a B…

30 Mar

I have been a Basketball player since grade school, now I am a Futsal player. I have been a very competitive individual that I did not accept loosing back then. I honestly did not like the fact that my teammates could be better and faster than I am, I even envied my opponents who were more skillful than I am. Most especially, I did not want to let my teammates down either.

Back in grade school, I would always try to reach a part of the ceiling in our corridors outside the library. Every day, I would jump as high as I could until I finally reached it and left a mark of my hand on that “hanging wall.” It was my mark of success for me, and I would brag about it to my friends. My perseverance paid off because I would get rebounds for my team against taller opponents during our games since I was the only one who jumped higher than the rest in the team. It actually also feels good having to jump that high because it felt as if I was flying even for a short period of time, especially that I could do a few seconds of “hang time” as well. I kept on trying to acquire new skills every time we had training, and I try to rehearse it every time I had a chance to. I even try to learn new skills by observing even during games. During training, I give my 110%. I believe that hard work can truly pay off in the long run, so during training, I did not care how hard or tiring it was, I always thought about the positivity of the rewards of training. I had several teams back then and all my hard work paid off. We won several awards such as gold, silver, and bronze medals, but what is more rewarding on my part is being able to take part on the first and last National Basketball Training Center Pilipinas Women’s Team. It is the highest level, most competitive team that I ever played for because it was under the Republic of the Philippines Team – something that I have wanting to be part of before. Same goes to my being of a Futsal player. It was a huge transition of sports for me but through hardwork and perseverance, I can say that I have really improved on my skills as a goal keeper and a field player.

Learning can take part in our everyday lives. May it be conditional or operant; it is for every individual’s betterment. It can define who you are as an individual, and even help you live through our everyday activities and experiences. Especially in my course of Culinary Arts, cooking is a continuous learning experience. It may be hard and disappointing at first because of failures but in the long run, when you know what to do and how to cook it, you become faster in the kitchen and you can cook up savory dishes and mouthwatering pastries. You learn by observing cooks and chefs, and you acquire the skills if you keep on cooking and practice all the time in the kitchen. Learning never ends, it enlightens every person in every way, and it is one of those things that are important in our lives.

-Patch Bautista


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