Hide and Seek – Emotions by Jeanina Yu

30 Mar

The emotions aren’t always immediately subject to reason, but they are always immediately subject to action” by William James.

            Emotion, that complex psychophysiological experience that is a result of our interactions with internal and environmental influences, cannot seem to stop piquing man’s curiosity. It is mostly associated with a person’s feelings, mood, personality, motivation, etc. Why is it that man cannot help but to fulfill the urge to satisfy their need to know or understand what emotion is? We are drawn to the need to understand why we experience a certain type of emotion and to learn what this emotion signifies. Although there is no single or a definitive meaning as to what emotion signifies, multiple theories have been proposed in attempts to understand what this is. Just like what psychologist Russell and Schlosberg have proposed with their circumflex theory of emotion where they presented the axes of emotions.

 ImageAxes of Emotions           

From my understanding of how they study emotions is based in these axes. Like say we tend to experience such excitement for example and so, this excitement is a mixed of how we feel aroused and at the same time pleasure. And it goes to the others as well.  They are being bounded with quadrats such as arousal, pleasure, sleepiness and misery.

            Our body displays a lot of mixed emotions. And what our emotions state conflicts the way we act and behave. It may be an effect due to external or internal factors. Like when it rains, it affects our certain feeling of gloominess or perhaps we feel lonely. Thus, the way we react to it is, we stay in bed, lazy and sleepy. That’s one form of emotion. We can also see emotion with words. Like when a person compliments you or praise you, you feel good about yourself but when someone brings you down, you also feel the same way, down.

            If you were to ask me what thing presents a lot of mixed emotions, I am to tell you that LOVE is one. It is so broad to be defined and it takes time to understand. When you feel love it’s not just that that you feel. But also, you will sometimes feel sad, happy, excited, scared, basically you can feel anything and everything in love. It has a lot of ups and downs and positives and negatives too. Everyone has it and can feel it and that’s simply what we call, EMOTIONS. 


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