Emotion by Daniela Lopez

30 Mar

We all have them, but most of us can’t explain it. Emotion is difficult to define and even hard to understand. It is not easy to tell if the person is in an emotional state. Like when seeing your crush, your heart suddenly beats fast or when he or she starts talking to you, you simply don’t know what exact words to say. Are you in an emotional state when you feel this? Emotion refers to feeling state involving thoughts, physiological changes or an outward expression or behavior. It is a feeling that can be involved by our physiological arousal like your heartbeats become fast, conscious experience like you are in love with someone, and behavioral expression, for example, when you smile.                         According to James Lange Theory of emotion, that an event causes physiological arousal first and then we interpret this arousal. Arousal is when it takes messages to and from the body’s internal organs. It is only after we interpret the arousal can we experience emotion. If the arousal is not noticed then we will not experience any emotion based on this theory. Example, you are walking at your school’s campus then suddenly you saw your crush, so your heart beats faster. You notice these physiological changes and interpret them as your body’s preparation for a fearful situation. You then experience happiness or you are simply in love. James and Lange thought of the theory at the same time, that’s why it was name after them.  The Cannon – Bard Theory tells us that we experience both physiological and emotional arousal at the same time, but it gives no attention to the role of thoughts or outward behavior. Example you are walking at your school’s campus then suddenly you saw your crush, so your heart beats faster. At the same time, when you experience these changes, you also feel the emotion of happiness.

Another topic is motivation; motivation is defined as giving of thoughts and feelings a purpose.  As we need, want, interest, or desire that propels someone in a certain direction. Our motivation can be a habit, belief, instinct or need for us people. To motivate, comes from the word, simply to move.  Why people behave, think, and feel the same way they do. Motivated behavior is energized, directed and sustained. We are all motivated. There is also what we call, intrinsic and extrinsic motivation. Intrinsic is based on internal factors, such as self determination, curiosity, challenge and effort. While extrinsic motivation involves external incentives, such as rewards and punishments.

When I see my friends get high scores in the exam. I get motivated; I also study hard because I don’t to be embarrassed when we compare scores. I always watch tennis match on television; I get inspired by the tennis players, their moves, and their strokes. I get motivated by how they play. For me, motivation is really important. It plays a big role in achieving your goals. It will help you improve and develop your performance



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