30 Mar

I know it’s been about 2 years or so since Inception came out but I can’t help but remember it again after my friends and I were on the topic about lucid dreaming. It’s interesting how the movie connects to it because of how people are able to control dreams, to be able to dream while in a dream and to not be able to determine if whether you’re still dreaming or not. I find it kind of scary to think about it, especially the part where they get stuck in the dream and are not able to come back to reality. The movie made me think twice about where I am or what I’m feeling at that moment. I began to question myself on occasion if I was dreaming or not, especially when I’ve had a really bad day. I guess thinking that it was all a dream was one way of trying to cheer myself up. Nevertheless, the topic on lucid dreams interested me because I read that it is being practiced by some people.

Apparently, lucid dreams can help us overcome fears and anxieties because it allows the dreamer to control what they are dreaming. It also allows the dreamer to become more self-confident because they get to practice or act out what may happen during a real life event to be more prepared on what’s to come. Have you ever dreamt of being able to fly? I read that flying in dreams is also lucid dreaming because you know that flying does not really happen in real life. Therefore, it makes you aware that you are dreaming. It also acts as a representative of your own power. If you’re flying with ease and enjoying the view, it may mean that you have risen above something or have gained a new perspective on something.

On the other hand, most people have also experienced falling in dreams, whether be it from a building or from a cliff, and jerking up or suddenly having muscle spasms in their sleep. It’s actually quite funny when you see something similar happen to someone you know. What does this kind of dream mean? I read that falling may symbolize your insecurities or instabilities. Dreaming about falling may reflect on the way you feel in school, in work, or even towards your relationship. Sometimes it reflects on your failure in certain kinds of situations like failing in school, or not being able to deliver a presentation correctly.

What do dreams really mean, anyway? They say that dreams have something to do with your emotions and reality. Some say that dreams symbolize what happens to you in the future. I don’t really remember much about what I dream but I do remember the feeling of waking up in the middle of a good dream and not being able to get back to it even if you try to force yourself to go back to sleep. I guess it means that we really do not have any control of what we are dreaming. Have you had any interesting dreams lately? 🙂

– Dana Ang


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