Dream Catcher

30 Mar

All of us have our own perception of what dreams are. For  some, dreams are like goals that they’re aiming for to achieve someday. Others may say that it’s like a clue to their future or what might happen in the future. Also, there are others who believe that dreams have hidden meaning, for example if a person dreams of a ladder it means that you’re thinking of something obscene. Psychology explains that we experience dreams when we are in deep sleep or in REM (rapid eye movement) sleep. As humans, we often relate our dreams to reality, and that’s why sometimes some people depend on their dreams.

For me, I always dream and most of the time I remember my dreams. I love to dream and I love the feeling that you’re dreaming. I’ve always believed that dreams are like a clue to my future, that dreaming gives me hope that someday I will reach those fantasies in my dreams. Sigmund Freud thought that the reason we dream is wish fulfillment, an unconscious attempt to fulfill needs that cannot be expressed or that go ungratified during waking hours. He may be slightly right, yes we dream and most of the time our dreams are ungratified in reality, but our dreams are like hope, it is like an inspiration, we might think that maybe someday that dream will happen. Personally I would take dreams positively, for instances like if my dreams are horrific, I would take it as a warning. I am a type of person that doesn’t want to think negatively and just be open-minded. But sometimes I’m in denial, I would want to think that things would go the other way but at back of my mind there’s always this thing that would always make me think positive despite what the outcome will be. But I would really say that dreams gives me hope and I’m inspired whenever I dream of good things.

There are instances when I like what I was dreaming and I suddenly woke up and I would always what to continue what I was dreaming and sometimes it will really continue, and in the morning I wake up with a smile and I am happy. Well, many people would also dream of weird dreams and I too experience dreaming weird happenings. Like I was dreaming that I was driving a car but even though I get hit all the time that I bumped other cars and still go on driving, it’s like playing a racing game, you don’t care who you’ve bumped into.

I believe that I always experience deep sleep because I often dream and I often remember my dreams. My dreams are like cloud nine, I’m happy when I dream and I would always think that when I dream I ‘m having a good sleep. If I like dreaming then I like sleeping, I may sleep late but when I have time to sleep in the afternoon or even at 6pm I will really sleep, especially when I am tired.

Another thing is that when you dream, you’re like time traveling. It’s like you’re visiting your future and you past, that’s what I love about dreaming.


by: Kryssa P.


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