Don’t Judge The Book by Its Cover

30 Mar

Each person in this world has different personality, some may have similarities but still each of us has distinct and unique personality. Santrock defined personality as a pattern of enduring, distinctive thoughts, emotions, and behaviors that characterize the way an individual adapts to the world. This means that we have different ways in reacting to a certain thing and that our behaviors reflect our personality. And behavior is everything we do that can be directly observed.

As an individual, we do things in our ways and sometimes we get irritated if another person tries to imitate us. Like how the way we dress, the way we react to things and the way we talk. We don’t like it when others copy us because it is who we are and in this competitive world we always think that life’s a competition. We also hate it when people are trying to fit in when they are not being true to themselves, we then think that they’re being plastic and that they just envy us. If we all think this way then we’re the kind of people who only care for themselves. It may be wrong trying to fit in when you can be yourself, but assuming that someone is trying to imitate you, then you’re the most self-centered person.

Maybe some people are having a hard time discerning who they really are. It takes time for some people to know what they really want and understand who they are. In my experience, I’ve always thought that I truly know myself and that I know what I really want. But as I mature I’ve learned new things and suddenly I was confused, but after reflecting I redeemed myself, knew what I really want and knew more about myself. I know for a fact that in this world we are offered by worldly occupations and we should know how to prioritize things as we live in this complicated world. Our behavior and attitude towards how we handle things mirrors our personality. My friends would always tell that before when we weren’t friends yet I was quiet, but when they found out that when I’m with close friends I am somewhat loud and crazy. It also takes time to know a person and befriend him/her. For the reason that there are some people who you think are good friends but they have the truth is there’s tension between them, because their personalities do not agree on the other’s personality.

We often judge a person’s personality by her appearance or the way she moves or what. We do not consider approaching the person and make time to make friends, if we don’t like the person we just look at what’s outside, their physical attributes. Others, they go wrong when they thought a pretty girl is always an interesting girl. That’s what we get when we people judge, on the other hand a person who judge a person directly may have a poor personality.

I believe in the saying “tell me who your friends are and I’ll tell you who you are”, this statement is most of the time true. I believe that the people that surround you influence you and these people do what you do, and why will you surround yourself in a group where you don’t feel safety and accepted.

by: Kryssa P.


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