Consciousness by Chi Shing Hung

30 Mar
  • HYPNOSIS – I felt that I’ve been hypnotized every time when there is something going on, like after eating lunch then attending 1pm class, I will feel sleepy during my teacher’s discussion and wants to rest already. I am usually asleep before 12am, I cannot stand staying awake after 12am, even if there is an exam on the next day, and I prefer to sleep first then wake up in the middle of the night to study. I feel sleepy when the weather is cold, or the electric fan is on and you are in the bed watching television. I am like hypnotized by the things that I like, like visiting cell phone websites every day, Facebook every day, yahoo every day and many more.


  • SLEEP and DREAMS – I love sleeping, I tend to fall asleep when watching television then the electric fan is on and is swiping side to side,  or when I lay down in bed then I listen to music from my phone. It is because of the coldness of the air and comfortable of the bed that I usually can’t control but to fall asleep. Most of the humans in the world sleep during night time but some are night crawlers, they don’t feel sleepy and they like to go out and eat some food, go to karaoke bars, night clubs and some just stayed at home and watch television. Sleepiness is active when our body feels tired, when we are in a cool surrounding, when we lay in bed and listens to music. Some have disorders about sleeping, they can’t sleep even they are already lying in bed for several hours already. Some jut a vice versa, they feel asleep very quickly when they lay in bed, in less than 5 minutes. Dreaming is a part of sleeping, we dream of an average of 7 dreams a night but you don’t remember every dream you had. Dreaming starts when we have the Rapid-eye movements while sleeping, when the brain is active but the body is asleep.


  • PSYCHOACTIVE DRUGS – My psychoactive drugs is coffee, I really love drinking coffee, it makes me feel awake and alert of what I am doing. Coffee is my saviour when I am really stressed out with my exams or I woke up early for early classes. I have several addictions; I like cars, gadgets, foods, coffee, Facebook, buying Top Gear magazines, listening to music. Since I was a young boy, I like looking at cars and guessing the brand and model of the cars around the house. I like gadgets because they are cool and can do many things, they evolve very quickly and it became a thing of the past when you still have that gadget for 5 years already. We tend to buy new gadgets and replace it with the old ones, it is part of the peer pressure when all of your friends are using touchscreen phones already and you are still using the Nokia 3310. I super love eating and admire the presentation of the dishes, even that I am a Chinese, I don’t usually pick Chinese dishes to eat, I will go and try other cuisines when I am eating buffet. Facebook is like a journal for me, I update  what I am doing there, I share photos and videos, I greet my friends and can check on them anytime I want, I think I cannot live without Facebook. I started collecting Top Gear Magazines since May 2010, when I first bought the magazine and super like the content and they kept me updated with everything about cars. I love music since elementary, I started with English pop songs then went to Chinese songs then now I am in to K-Pop.

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