30 Mar
Bianca Vicente
Bryan Jalasco
Rowell Eusebio
Allen Dela Pena
If I have OCD I think I’m more on perfectionism. I want every thing
in perfect order and position. I picked this disorder because you can be an
organized person and I think that’s the good thing. But in a bad way you will be
a threat for other people. Especially for children.
ocd -> perfectionism. Reason: inheriting artistic blood from my
relatives, I feel the need of making every detail of my work perfect. i feel that i
have to make every small detail perfect in order to make the whole work perfect
as well.
If had a chance to have disorders I’d go for two, the first would be one of
the eating disorder, bulimia, girls have issues when it comes to eating. Because in
our society I think, we are pressured of what people think and what people see
because of that, women strive to be perfect and show people what it is like to be
part of let’s just say, the crowd. Honestly, I am pressured. Why bulimia? Because I
can binge whatever food I want and then just vomit everything after. It’s like eating
what you want and then reaching the satisfaction that you wanted and then after
achieving it, you just vomit everything out and plus, you lose weight and you eat
but then, you don’t really get the nutrients from the food because you just throw it
up. I blame society and their idea of being skinny and thin. My second would be

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