30 Mar
Rowell Eusebio
Bryan Jalasco
Bianca Vicente
Allen Dela Pena
The memory that I really want to forget and wished that I didn’t happened.
When I was still in Pre School, I was 6 years old or 7. I was horse playing with
my classmate. Then suddenly the stick that I was holding hit the eye of my
classmate. I was not my intention to poke his eye with a stick. Thank God that he
was not blind after that accident. I was so mad at myself that time and at the
same time so ashamed of what I just did to my classmate. Up to know I always
tell myself that I wish I can turn back the time and correct the bad thing that I
have done.
When my father and my sister fought. I don’t want to say what’s the
reason of their fight. It was so heart breaking. Seeing my sister getting slapped
and pushed by my father, and telling my sister to pack all of her things and get
out from his house. I cried that time. Seeing my sister my niece and nephew pack
their things and moving out, is the most terrible feeling ever. Every time I recall
that incident I can’t stop crying. I always pray when it happened. I wish it never
For Bryan, He said that “a memory that i want to forget is when i was a
child, about 5 or 6 years old, i remember seeing my parents fighting in front of
me. they were shouting at each other, my mom tried to hit my dad but my dad
grabbed my mom by the arm to prevent himself from getting hit. after that my dad
just locked himself in his room and my mom was trying to break the door open.”
For Bianca, she said that “If I had the chance to forget a memory or
change it, I would change the time when I almost got kicked out and honestly, I
had the bad reputation during my younger years, I’ve done almost all the bad
things in school and realized that, I was the cause of heartbreaks to my parents.
The school calls them because I’ve done this and that. And when I think about it
now, I realized that I’ve wasted so much time doing stupid things but then, people
learn from their mistakes and people grow, sometimes when my parents’ talk
about how hard headed I am during those times, we get to tell stories and we
laugh about it now. I think those were the times that I was searching for myself
and I wanted attention from my parents but now, I am more mature about things.
I’m 20 and i think its about time to be responsible

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