30 Mar
Page 1
Allen Dela Pena
Bianca Vicente
Rowell Eusebio
Bryan Jalasco
Learning styles
Everyone has a mix of learning styles. some people may find that they
have dominant style of learning, others may find that they use different styles in
different circumstances.
For me, I learn better if there are pictures and images provided. for
example, for powerpoint presentations, i don’t need a lot words in it, i just need
more images to better understand the topic. i’m really lazy to read it all over
again, so i say that it’s easier for me to visualize the topic than to read it. it helps
me to absorb more information and i easily understand what is being talked
For Bianca, she learns more when she applies it. which means, she
prefers using it physically. she says its perfect for her course because she
applies whatever she learns in the classroom. she’s in the industry wherein
application is really needed. and she says that sometimes she prefers to learn in
group or just to work alone, it really depends on the situation.
For Rowell, He says ” For me the most effective way of learning is seeing
it in action. Like in my Pastry demo, I learn more easily than just hearing the
explanation without the actual procedures. Sometimes I write notes while
someone is explaining. Then after that, I recall and browse my whenever I have
doubt when it’s my turn to make something. Everything that I want to know has
different learning methods. It depends if it’s very complicated. What I do to
makes things easier for me. I try to look for easier information, so that I have the
idea on what are the things that I can get and learn. Example of this is playing
complicated piece on guitar. So what I do I search for videos and tutorial. Then I
play with it and learn the different chords so that I have the idea next time I play
For Bryan, He says “The most effective learning style for me is
kinesthetic learning. Kinesthetic learning is learning via experience—moving,
touching, and doing. I find it easier to learn when i am involved in the learning
process. I prefer to “experience” the activity in order for me to learn thoroughly
and it also helps me to remember and understand what i have experienced and
learned more easily.”

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