30 Mar
Bianca Vicente
Rowell Eusebio
Bryan Jalasco
Allen Dela Pena
Food for thought
We cook food to taste better. We turn to Philosophy when we want an
inspiration to think differently. And we try to understand the Psychology of our
mind when we see something we don’t like or we don’t like the way we see
it—both requiring further investigation. Often a key phrase or a key concept
from the world of Psychology can help us in directing our mind in positive
thinking. “
Culinary is becoming a continuously diverging industry, in effect of this
competition between restaurants are vastly growing as well. Given this fact we
as culinary students should find a niche that makes products unlike the
The Culinary arts and Psychology can be connected in various ways.
From cooking food as a hobby, to having to think of how you can please the
public or your target market with your cooking. Some cook because they
simply have to, while some do for the main reason of their belief that it can be
a great way to relieve stress. But other than that, The people taking up
Culinary is not only after the cooking, but also after the part wherein they want
to know how to please their target market with the food that they make—the
age, taste, culture, and the other factors which differ in each person.
In real life, people have this fear of failure, wherein they fear rejection,
abandonment, and being disliked by the others and those who cook also feel
these. They fear rejection, abandonment, and dislike of the food that they
create. Another is about taking risks. In real life, you either think too much that
leads to no good, or you simply follow what you think would be best—which
will actually lead you to a good decision. While in making new recipes, you
also follow what you think would be best, no matter how unusual it may be
because it can lead to an invention of a new dish that would benefit you the
Not only in cooking is Psychology related, but also in management.
When you manage your own business, you tend to pick your employees,
which require you to interview, or to scale them based on a certain standard,
and based on the job they are applying for, and again psychology is used.
You also have to think of how to control crisis when it comes to dealing with
the complaints of your customers, or even how you associate with people and
in closing a deal. Not only these things, but also in dealing with those who
work for you, and in giving them what you think they need. All these factors
should be thought of very well for you to manage a successful business.
Therefore, we believe that our course is strongly related with
psychology and that we should consider the factors behind every decision-
making, and strategic planning in what has to be done in this course

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