Who are you? By: Harry Flores (Staccato)

29 Mar


Prejudice, stereotyping and discrimination are more than overlapping terms. These words cut thru cultures and run across societies – with differing tastes, beliefs and social phenomenon.

The world is what it is because of diversity. People either absorb diversity or isolate themselves from it. It is most unfortunate that no matter how the world is interconnected because of the birth of social media, we move – and we must admit to it – as if we are always afraid or dislike diversity.

The strongest urge to stereotype, we think, is when people act towards wanting to be accepted. There is an instance as to proving oneself better or way ahead of the pack – because most often, there is emphasis on inequality.  This may stem from labeling as to which we belong to, categorizing each type of individual and one that we’re most guilty of – comparing. Who is richer? Who carries the best trends? Who is smarter? There comes a realization asking why we always need to put down others just to raise ourselves up.

To know each person’s story, we must walk a mile in their shoes, they say. And that would be a task worth taking maybe, since as we are all about judging, we must also be in wonder of discovery – to break barriers. Human nature is all about positive self-concept and maybe it wont hurt a bit to accept that sometimes, the way to know oneself is to be actually open to knowing others.

However, herein comes one’s own being of decision and standing up for one’s beliefs without putting others down. It would be a big help to learn how to sift each people’s traits and absorb what is good about them than just judging upfront. There is a saying that preconceived notions will be hindrances to unlocking vast fields of wisdom. To focus on those preconceived notions in this young age would be a great hindrance to realize greater things beyond the group to which we readily associate ourselves with.

Also, prejudice may be part of pretend or blatant ignorance. Prejudice may also give birth or be part of insensitivity. To judge quickly and label people may lead to fundamental errors in getting out the real juice or worth of a person.

Mother Teresa once said, “If you judge people, you have no time to love them”, which may be a sad state of a relationship with people around us. We will always be watchful with mouths of opinions not wanting to be halted and yet not letting the judged bloom and take its shape in front of us to either please us or be in our light just to be judged.


How do we overcome prejudice? We be scared to be victims of misconception, we be wary and mindful. Reconsider. Attitude will lead to behavior and there must be that break or anchor to halt what will come out of our mouths. As the world is full of strangers we must shake hands with, we can never do so by having closed fists. Each hand will tell a story so deep or so shallow that it will ripple itself across our lives and make that important mark in us.

Eliminating prejudice totally would be impossible. It is a necessary negative thing also in our lives to have prejudice though. Because by judging or by minding other people, we at least be part of an alive sphere – way better than isolation. We become sympathetic (both in the negative and positive way) rather than apathy. We judge because we are aware of differences and that is necessary to be more than alive but to live amongst individuals struggling to belong or detach itself from groups. That would be better than jut minding your own business in a really sad corner of your life, all by yourself don’t you think? But as with everything, there must be iimits and it be best we keep opinions to ourselves and practice restraint and avoid hostility. Movement to openness will greatly improve communication and cut language barriers. We think it is important to be aware of change, be rooted in our own beliefs yet be open to discover what others will offer us – solicited or not.


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