Sleep and Dream, Park Sung Moon

29 Mar

We dream and sleep every night. However, we do not consider dreams as serious things. Many people also think sleeping and dreaming are useless. But I think it is the most important partners in our lives.Dreams may be very important. They take up about one quarter of our sleeping time. They are like short movies. Some people even get new ideas about their work from their dreams.

Have you ever thought why we sleep? We sleep because we have to recharge our energy. We also sleep because the stress we get during the day reaches its climax at 11 or 12 pm. Moreover our biological clock also makes us sleep at night and wake up in the morning. We can keep a healthy life through this process like a machine operated with oil. We dream every night when we sleep. However, we can remember our dreams or not.

We have funny or bad dreams almost every night. But, too much dreaming, however, can be harmful. The more we sleep, the longer we dream. The mind is hard at work when we dream. That’s why we may have a long sleep and still wake up tired. So,sleeping too much should be avoided.



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