Punishment, Song InSeok

29 Mar

Punishment is really necessary in our life. Punishment can help us to be better and to be ware of the danger of my status recently. In dictionary, punishment is the authoritative imposition of something negative or unpleasant on a person or animal in response to behavior deemed wrong by an individual or group. The authority may be either a group or a single person, and punishment may be carried out formally under a system of law or informally in other kinds of social settings such as within a family. Negative consequences that are not authorized or that are administered without a breach of rules are not considered to be punishment as defined here. The study and practice of the punishment of crimes, particularly as it applies to imprisonment, is called penology, or, often in modern texts, corrections; in this context, the punishment process is euphemistically called “correctional process”.It is a negative thing for someone. But for me, this is not negative thing. If it is really too much and if it can be dangerous to us, then it can be a negative things. However, I can say that, we can learn from our mistakes, and punishments only can correct our mistake. All of human beings are not perfect. They can commit a mistake. We are afraid to face our mistake. But it is not harmful us. It can teach us a lesson what we missed and what we should do in the future. Punishment is one of the solutions to set ourselves again. In Korea, for students, if we got mistake and something wrong with it, we have to get a punishment. I even hit by my teacher much of time because of my mistakes. During the punishment time, I even thinking why should I get punishment. However, after time passed, now I realize that I got mistake and teacher was correct. I even feel thankful to my teachers, who gave me punishments. Some are afraid to have a punishment. We don’t need to afraid if we don’t have anything wrong. But if we got mistake and if it is kind of too much? Then we have to get a proper punishment. On my own opinion, punishment is ok in the school and it needs it to rule the students. However, if it is too much and if it is over, then we should fight back. I mean we should ask about the reason why should we get the punishment. But usually, there are reasons why we get punishment. People are just not punishing them without a reason. If we got a mistake? We have to get a punishment. For me, I can accept to get a punishment if I got wrong in something. I believe that it can help me to improve myself and it can help me to be a better person. However, cruel punishment and unacceptable punishment should be disappeared in our society. It can cause to the stress, and they can choose a radical decision such as suicide. I hope there will be a receivable punishment in the society.


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