Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

29 Mar

                I learned a lot from ocd (obsessive compulsive disorder) i did not know that there are serious cases of ocd.People checking stuff,locking doors,wearing accidents clothes of there loved ones.I was surprised when i saw different kinds of cases.And when they don’t do the things that they have to do they will panic or could not stand doing it.Even people that cannot forget accidents that happened to there loved ones you would get surprised when they wear the clothes with dried blood.And her kids see her doing that she would say something to cover up what she was doing.Just another case of ocd i saw is there was a person that would keep his entire house spotless.In and out of the house also no dirt.I am person that is also ocd but in a lesser way.I like my shoes clean after i use it.As much as possible i don’t want dust in my room.And when i leave the house i want my room cleaned and moped.When i go out if i will use a particular car i would clean it.I just can’t stand my car dirty.And lastly all of my clothes are fixed to light to dark colors.I learned that people that have ocd in different kinds of ways they should be treated the usual human being.Just accept them on who they are.For me i would treat them like an ordinary person because there are cases when it really gets out of hand.But just go with the flow and you never know if she or he acts that way he or she could help you in the future with things you could not do.You will learn a lot of things when you study ocd.For me it helped me because if you know people with kinds of cases of ocd you would understand what they are going through.And hopefully you could understand or help them.Being obsessive compulsive disorder is not bad it would actually help you with different kinds like cleaning stuff.I myself helped already like doing chores,cleaning my room,and removing stains.

                                                                                                                               Russel Barles



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