Memory, Park Sung Moon

29 Mar

How long can a person keep his memory? Does it take 10 seconds? One hour? Or one month? People’s memory seems not like to last for a long time. Also, so do I. I can remember something like enjoyable and interested experiences, but I have no remembrance of the everyday affair at all. Moreover, even thoughI can remember interesting things at first, they are erased as if there is an eraser in my brain. When I was young, I was so sad because of that no matter how I try to remember, the memories became to be gone in my brain. How could I keep special days in my memory?
I have remembered one movie about beautiful woman who lost her memories in her brain. As if there is an eraser in her brain, when she wakes up in the morning, she forgets everything in her mind except just her name and her familylike very basic information. She looked so sadto me. How sad is she while she lives in her life unless could not remember anything? This is in truth one of life’s tragedies! At the moment, the man who loves her gave a diary to her as a present.

Through the diary, she started to write all of the time that shares with the man during a day carefully before she went to bed. Something like dating with him, enjoying going fishing, going to the movies and so on, the diary was getting filled with everything that could not be remembered in her mind. When she waked up every morning, she saw the diary that she could not remember in a diary. How does she feel when she was reading it in a new mind? I think both fullness and expectation. Maybe she might have a dim recollection. And she continued to fill the diary for her and her boyfriend. No matter she cannot remember yesterday’s time, she just write the day’s valuable experience continuously. What does the diary mean for her? The diary was time! It was her past time memories, now and maybe would be her future. It makes be shown her past life instead of her, and write the present. The diary achieved a great work!

What does a diary mean for me? A diary gives me a lot of thinking and I think that it must a valuable thing like her. My first dairy, covered with cats, was given from my mother when I was a middle school student and decide what I want to do and what I want to be. My mom said “Write what you want to keep in your memory, what you feel specially and what you want to be even though it is small and mere.” At first, I just wrote down without thinking. Keeping a diary was just an everyday routine of mine. While time passed, I kept a diary with feeling interesting so soon. And I started writing about more and more precious events what I want not to forget and what I want to be. After that, keeping a diary became the most valuable thing of my life’s stuffs. When I write a diary, it always seems to me that which moment I want to keep in my heart, which part I do not want to forget. I became to feel happy when my memories ring in my mind step by step.

To me, Diary means as time to me. My diary was filled with my memory. It is about all of my valuable time memory specially what i did and wanted. Above all, it put into my past time. Most of my past experience and memories is that things! That is about my feeling, hope and interesting things. Maybe they are about what I do not want to forget in my heart. I smile because of them and feel happy. Also, my diary put into my present time. I write now. I write about my present feeling, hope and experiences. It is present progressive form! Sometimes it is fun things or sad feelings. It does not matter. It is just about my present time through writing! Just my own time! It’s Outside is just a book but inside is real my time of memory.



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