A Psychological Disorder that I would most probably pick by Emmanuel Marc Laborte

29 Mar

       The question above is quite a difficult one mainly because I believe no one would want to have a psychological disorder present in his or her wellbeing. Nevertheless since I do not have a choice but answer, it would have to be Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. I chose ADHD essentially because it is possible to hire an occupational therapist to give you a remedy with the help of medication and behavior therapy. However ADHD is not reversible though as mentioned earlier it can be controlled with the help of medication, of course a loving family and just positive thoughts.

      This question is really tough to answer. I mean I am so grateful, blessed and thankful to God that I don’t have any Psychological disorder. But if I have one, I would also be thankful to God because of the life He gave us. It is already big bonus or a GIFT that we will be forever thankful. If I would be given a chance to have a psychological disorder I would choose having Amnesia. It is a type of Psychological disorder under the cognitive disorders. These psychological disorders are those that involve cognitive abilities such as memory, problem solving and perception. Amnesia is a condition which one’s memory is lost. The reason behind this is that this kind of disorder is only temporary but it may take too long or only a short period of time. But I don’t want that the reason of having amnesia is that I involved into a major accident like in the car or a falling buko onto your head. I want it in a nice and painless like a falling (small) rock onto my head or bumping my head in the wall and still having a long period of memory lost in my head (even though it’s not possible).  I want the feeling that everything in the world seems to be reset. All I would do is to ask, ask, and ask. Everything I’ve done wrong will be paused and sooner it will resume again.  And lastly I chose having amnesia  is because I want to forget all the problems that I’ve been encountering in my life and here in the world just for a mean time but I know the fact that anything that did something wrong, I have to face it.

            (I’ve been hearing this joke since I was in high school. The joke is “What if a gay involved into an accident, and then he had amnesia, would he still remember that he’s gay?) Even me I don’t know the answer. Maybe yes? Or it depends on how profound or grabe his memory lost.

        If I were to have a Psychological Disorder, I would also likely to choose being a Pyromaniac but I think I can already consider myself a Pyromaniac. I do not know what else to pick but I really love fire. Whenever I see something starting t…o get lit, I really get fascinated by it that I really feel pleasure, excitement and sometimes my stress reliever, whenever I light up something, may it be a match, a lighter, a paper, or a tissue paper. I have instances when I was a kid that I would take a box full of matches, get the matches, form them in any way I feel like it and just watch the fire, or light up a match then keep it until it is almost at the end where it is almost close to my fingertips or before it burns out, light another piece of match, then another one, then another one. I also sometimes burn ants. I enjoy lighting up fireworks. I think I am the only girl in the family that plays with fireworks with the boys. I enjoy playing with fire, even watching them die when I place a glass on top of a lit candle. I do not even mind that much if I get burnt by it. Pyromaniac is not that bad unless it is to a serious level but it can be treated through. Even some Pyromaniacs are our saviors because some Pyromaniacs are firefighters or people who know how to do well with explosives, fireworks, or such. I guess it would be cool for me to become an explosive master because I love big bangs too!

            I would also choose Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder also known as ADHD as a psychological disorder. The reason I would want to have this is because although my research has lead me to believe that it is a negative disorder, there are a few upsides. One of them being you can multi-task; this is great for doing multiple things at work, finishing the job in one go. Also many people who have ADHD have the ability to learn at a faster pace as long as it’s the right teaching style. People who are diagnosed with ADHD also have a lot of hyperactivity and because of this if they find something productive to do it’s incredibly beneficial to themselves and to others. Lastly, strong impulsive behaviors are usually associated with this disorder its shows that one can be outgoing and very extroverted; an impulse to meet new people and to be out going by doing new and exciting things like: outdoor adventures, sports and extreme sports, anything productive and interesting to keep their attention. If I had to choose any psychological disorder it would be ADHD because of its benefits.

Another psychological disorder it would pick would be Obsessive-Compulsive Personality Disorder. I can sometimes be a perfectionist in many ways just because I want to see things beautiful. In times when I don’t get what I pictured in my mind, I tend to be depressed and unsatisfied. I sometimes have the thinking that everything must be crystal clear, ship shaped and perfect! Just like in making projects, I would first think it in my mind on how I want to do it and it must come out as what I have imagined. I believe that another thing that could be a possible reason is I hate dirty things meaning scattered and being dusty since, I am allergic to it. I like things clean and on its position so that it’s pleasing to the eyes.


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