Family and Couple Therapy

29 Mar

        I learned that there is a therapy for family and couples.You would not contemplate that there is a therapy for couples and family.In my experience this will help people with problems that can easily be solved.Because instead of going to a therapist you would much enjoy talking to people who you know the most.You could talk to your family every time without wasting money or gas.Because if you live together everyday you could do therapy and in no time you might solve your problem easily.For couples as a personal experience it will really help you solve problems.I would always ask or talk to my friends that are also a couple what will i if we fight about something?And true enough the advice they gave me worked.Couple therapy will really help you because people that you know that has been a couple for a long time would know on what to do if there is a problem.And they would know how to solve it immediately.With couple therapy it is easy to do because this will make your problems solve faster.Meaning instead of going to a therapist you could just easily talk to your friends that knows this kinds of solutions to whatever problem you have.I learned a lot from this topic back in high school i usually go to my friends if i have a problems.Couple problems is the usual problem when i go to my friends.For my personal opinion this kind of therapy would work.In my experience it really helped to solve couple problems before.I contemplate that this kind of therapy will help you solve your problems as i said it helped me before.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Russel Barles                                                                        


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