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29 Mar

First there was nothing. Then there was ME. then I faded off again. then there was once more nothing. Then once again I appear!

It is I, Jeff, to talk about ALCOHOL!!!!! Any information is based on both experience and true information that could help you in the future! READ! READ IT ALL!!!

Alcohol is the beverage that brings people together, or brings people to jail. From Classy to Cheap-ass-to-no-end, all alcohol is meant for fun (or covering despair. which ever is for you). We are all at the time where alcohol is regularly drunk.

Effects of alcohol-

People may say alcohol makes you feel more active. That is where they would be wrong! Alcohol is a Depressant. Yes folks. a DEPRESSANT. That does not mean it makes you depressed. It means that it will decrease your mental activity and make you feel like you are floating on air. Let us go on a journey on how alcohol affects people; specifically one person.

There was one time where I went out with a couple of friends (Yes I do have friends, in case you are wondering) and one of them (let me call the person JlR) was really weak with alcohol. We had the usual stuff; Vodka, Beer and finger food. First shot, everyone was okay, a bit buzzed from the vodka. within the third shot, everyone was mostly tipsy. except for JlR; who was obviously drunk. At that point, she was out of control; going around, screaming, laughing, and for just a moment, hitting people.

This point is what you would call the peak point of alcohol. for some reason, you get a sort of high moment after consuming a certain amount of alcohol.

An hour or so passed and the excitement started to die down. JlR went from a screaming drunk to a rather whiney drunk. She was eventually dragged to the couch and there she slept.

She had reached a point where all the energy has left her and reached the point of no return. she has achieved the state of technical knockout; where she is in a state where she is unable to do anything due to the amount of alcohol that has entered in and absorbed by the body. The next day, the subject starts to feel nauseous. this is what you call a hangover. a hangover is where the subject is subjected to stomach pains and throbbing migraines or headaches; though it may depend from person to person due to the obvious fact that everyone is made/ created differently. we then journeyed to the blue yonder… actually we went to Mercato and had a really light snack. and then JlR’s food came out the same way it came in aka she barfed!

The moral of the story is: YOU CAN’T TRUST THE SYSTEM!!
Just kidding, the moral of the story is, alcohol is bad and should be consumed in moderation; unless it’s not you drinking, then you can probably tell the person to keep on drinking.

Jeff, Signing out.

In case this blog was not satisfactory, here is a picture of a potato to convince you otherwise:


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