Am I really Sleeping? By: Harry Flores (Staccato)

29 Mar

Having a Sleep apnea is very difficult for me and much more for those whos with me in the room. Sleep apnea is common to fat people like me or lets say overweight, sleep apnea can occur when the throat muscles and tongue relax during sleep and partially block the airway.  This can cause breathing to stop for 10 seconds or longer. Sleep apnea symptoms include loud snoring, poor sleep,fatigue or restlessness  and high blood pressure. The person who suffers from sleep apnea cant really go to deep sleep or they can but they tend to wake up unconsciously.

We found out accidentally that I’m suffering or I have sleep apnea when I was sleeping in the hospital with my mom. One of her doctors went to her room while I was sleeping and guess what I’m snoring. He already suspects me having a sleep apnea and want me diagnosed.  To cut the story short they put a device that monitors my heart beat i guess while im sleeping, and they found out that I have sleep apnea im not sure what kind. So doctors explained to me the effects of sleep apnea. One is that even if I sleep for 9 hours straight but i still feel restless after waking up. Second Im prone to heart attack and stroke. Lastly the person who has sleep apnea has the possibilities to be more hot headed.

Doctors gave us different ways to treat sleep apnea, first is Ill use a machine I think that regulates oxygen to my body. Its similar to what jet pilots use inside the cockpit. Another is the person who has sleep apnea will undergo an operation I really cant remember where but I think something to do with the throat, but its not 100% sure that will cure or help sleep apnea. But we didnt do any of that primarily because the oxygen thing cost to much and I dont want to.

My cousins found out an effective way to shut me off when im sleeping honestly its really really annoying to sleep beside me or to a person who snore very loud, but since they dont have a choice they did an mini experiment on me. They change my position every 5 mins to test which position is more quieter. So they found out when Im sleeping side ways Im more quiet than any other positions. So everytime Im with them they usually wont let me sleep on my back or lie straight. They also told me that I usually stop breathing for 5-10 secs and Ill catch up my breathing pattern again. Another one effective way when sleeping with a person who snores, is that use earplugs. But for my case earplugs is not enough they said.

The person who suffers from sleep apnea cant really go to deep sleep or they can but they tend to wake up unconsciously, as my title says Am I really sleeping? Having any sleeping disorder is very difficult to the person and to the family. All of them needs to adjust or to adapt to the situation. As I learned in psychology treating a person with an disorder is that you adapt to the situation especially if your a family.


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