Group paper

28 Mar

Learning is the acquisition of skill or knowledge. All of us learn differently. Maybe one of the most common sources of how we learn is from our own experiences. Growing up, we have distinguished what is right from wrong. Our parents’ praise us whenever we do something right and reprimand us if we’ve done otherwise. Oftentimes, we know that if we learn something, we apply it and there’s a change in our behaviour. We cannot live without learning. Mankind may have already been extinct if they didn’t learn how to survive. All of us must learn somehow.

Our group shared on what kind of learning is for us the most effective. For Kevin, he chose both visual and verbal learning. Visual learners remember best what they see – pictures, diagrams, flow charts, time lines, films, and demonstrations. Verbal learners get more out of words – written and spoken explanations. Everyone learns more when information is presented both visually and verbally. “This would help me better if most of my subjects would teach it like this. And it’s easier to remember if you have to review for like a quiz or exam.” This would be a big help. I’m sure this would also help other people if they were given a chance to choose what kind of method would help them learn easier. People would like that and it would make them happy. So basically, this method would make my life easier if I was given a chance to choose what kind of method I would pick.

KC said she finds that she learns best by demonstration. “Though when someone instructs me without any visual interpretation, I imagine it in my head visually. Still, I find it best when I get to try it for myself after I am told how to do it.”

For Dana, she chose classical conditioning. She finds it more effective to learn when she knows the reason behind certain events. She is more comfortable learning by experience than just hearing explanations. They say that practice makes perfect because people are given a chance to make mistakes when they practice. In Dana’s case, she finds it easier to be able to learn from her mistakes and learn from them in the end to prevent it from happening again. She learns better when events or lessons in school are repeated and if she is given a lot of practice concerning it.

Mady has a different say about learning which leads to a change in behaviour. She said that it’s not always like that, it doesn’t need mean that there should be always a change in our behaviour; it’s more on how you learned from it like how you understood it, a change in perception or our point of view perhaps. Verbal, experiential and observational learning are the methods she will choose if ever she would want to learn something. If she cannot really understand something verbal learning can be helpful because she can have someone explain to her what she doesn’t understand. In the kitchen, she uses observational and then practices what she sees and then adjusts or makes her own style on how things are done. Then of course experiences. Mistakes, realizations and I guess regrets taught me some things that I cannot learn from a normal classroom discussion. I learned from other people as well, how they view certain things and sometimes it’s funny that you learn those from them. Learning also depends with the person. If you’re really willing to learn and of course if you enjoy it, everything will follow. You enjoyed and learned at the same time.

We end our paper with this quote “The wisest mind has something yet to learn” – George Santayana. Indeed, it is very true because as long as we live, we learn something new every day. We cannot simply say I finished this, I studied that, now I know everything. It’s not like that, even professionals seek further education. One quality that we can be proud of us humans is our unending journey to learn more. As we grow older, we tend to appreciate the things that we learn. Everyone can share their knowledge to others with the hope that it will help them better with theirs.

Kahit Ano – Ang, Barles, Dejos, Villanueva


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