Stranger by Mady Villanueva

27 Mar

You’re both in the same batch yet, didn’t know each other. He passes by, while you chat with your friends, laughing your hearts out. Both of you does not exist in each other’s world.

But what if this will change? Maybe this person will soon be entering in your life? Oftentimes, in the most unexpected way, we enjoy the company of other people whom we really don’t know well. You’ll really be surprised on how they view things and you get attracted to them because they’re fun to be with. In class, we had discussed about prejudices, labelling, and the like.

As a person, we really can’t avoid judging people but if you were presented a chance to know that person even in a simple conversation, you’ll actually realize that they are different than how you knew them before.

In my case, I admired more this then friend of mine because I was able to know him better. In school, I saw him as the happy-go-lucky and not the serious type of person but who knew that behind that smile and jokes and attitude that he’s showing, he’s actually experiencing a sad relationship with his family. I learned a lot from him especially the trait of being optimistic. In short, I never thought realizing some things in a different way because of him.

No one is perfect. We tend to criticize, comment negatively or positively, that’s what we do. It’s part of being a human, imperfection. A classic example is joking about a certain person’s flaw but such small things can lead to bigger problems. From simple labelling to stereotyping which then leads to prejudice that’s also influenced by our surroundings and oftentimes, results to discriminating

We just have to be careful with our impressions. Most of the time, if we will just stick to our judgement of that person and shut our opportunity to have a different view of them, chances are we just do this for ourselves; self presentation. We may be afraid of what people might think of, thus some of us just conform to the crowd. They will just go with flow, labelling group A as the others, B for the happy-go-lucky ones, and the list goes on. But what can we do about it? This is what’s really happening.

And again, like us, the world is not perfect, we cannot erase these things. Its part of life but sometimes, we just have to take a stand and say what we have to say. And by the end of the day before you judge someone, try at least to make an effort to know a person better.


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