Emotions By : Ellelin Yap

27 Mar

 Everyone experiences emotions each day. One good example is my best friend, She was devastated when her boyfriend broke up with her because of jealousy. They fought, argued and they hurt each other’s feelings until their parents fought. They were shocked because she was pregnant and the father of her child was her boyfriend who broke up with him.

Unexpectedly, the guy  said , “Hindi iyo se el ama, del disuyu bata “ in English “ I’m not the father of her child”. But the guy loved the girl so much and said,“Baby, you know that I love you so much maskin hindi iyo el tata deese bata pananagutan ko yan , kay ta ama gat iyo kuntigo “ in English “ Baby , you know that I love you so much . Even if I’m not the father of your child, I will take good care of him because I love you”. Until my best friend already gave birth and the child was already one year old, they still loved each other. In due time, the parents of the guy ordered a DNA test to prove their son is the father of the boy. The DNA test turned out to be positive. After a year, they got married. Both my best friend and her husband are still studying today, They are trying to finish their education for a better future.


Emotions are difficult to define and even more difficult to understand completely.  People have been attempting to understand this phenomenon for thousands of years, and will most likely debate for a thousand more.  This section will present the various theories related to the acquisition of emotion (N.A).


The mainstream definition of emotion refers to a feeling state involving thoughts, physiological changes, and an outward expression or behavior.  But what comes first, the physiological arousal .The behavior or does emotion exist in a vacuum, whether or not these other components are present?  There are five theories which attempt to understand why we experience emotion (N.A)


Some things in life cause people to feel. These feelings are called emotional reactions. Some things in life cause people to think. These are sometimes called logical or intellectual reactions. Thus life , is divided between things that make you feel and things that make you think. The question is, if someone is feeling, does that mean that they are thinking less? It probably does. If part of your brain is being occupied by feeling, then it makes sense that you have less capacity for thought. That is obvious if you take emotional extremes, such as crying, where people can barely think at all. This does not mean that emotional people are not intelligent; it just means that they might be dumber during the times in which they are emotional. Emotion goes on and off for everyone, sometimes people cry, and sometimes they are completely serious. (Pettinelli, N.Y.)


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