Keep Moving Forward by Abu Sales (Staccato)

23 Mar

Learning is hard, especially when we don’t have enough motivation to keep moving forward. It is relatively a permanent change in behavior that occurs through experience, so we need to be 100% ready for that forthcoming change.

We do experience different types of learning. It may be through observation or through association. Observational learning is all about learning by watching others. One example of this is our CA class. Chefs conduct a demo for us before every lab so that we’ll know what to do with the ingredients, what ingredients go together, and what cooking method to use for each produce. This is very helpful for us culinary students because when we step in the kitchen, we know what we need to do, what to process first, when the right time to cook is, and especially, produce food with quality. The second type of learning is associative learning. It is learning in which a connection is made between two events. As we discussed, conditioning is the process of learning associations. There are two types of conditioning: classical and operant. Classical conditioning is where organisms learn the association between two stimuli, which results to anticipation. For example, nimbus clouds are associated with rain. So, when we see that the clouds start to turn gray, we anticipate that it will rain soon. While in operant conditioning, organisms learn the association between a behavior and a consequence. As a result, organisms learn to increase behaviors that are followed by rewards and to decrease behaviors followed by punishment. For example, children are more likely to study more and aim for high grades if their parents reward them with something valuable or something they really want for a long time afterwards. Also, if children’s bad manners are followed by a belt whip or whatever punishment the parents decide on, the children are less likely to repeat what they have done wrong. Part of learning is shaping. It is the process of rewarding approximations of desired behavior. One situation for this is when we try to learn how to write when we were kids. In the first week, teachers give us a star stamp whenever we get to start drawing a line. The next week, they give us a star if we get to straighten the line we draw. On the third week, they give us a star if we start forming a letter from the alphabet even if it was not perfect. The fourth week, they give us a star if we get to write the letter perfectly. Shaping can be very effective in terms of education. It can be very helpful for learning tasks that require time and persistence to complete. Learning really takes time. We can’t learn by speeding things up. We need to pass through things slowly so that we can be sure that we understand it completely. In every thing that we do, we should give our whole selves; we need to strive to achieve our goal. We can’t always depend on others to hand over every thing to us.


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